Tuesday, September 05, 2006

You're fired! Hit the road! You lost sucka!

I have officially gone wild on my blog today. But I had to put this little tidbit out there for anyone to see. Couldn't happen to a nicer man, that sick fuck Randall Terry. Thanks to Kathy at Birmingham Blues we have this to be grateful for tonight. From the Tallahassee Democrat:

And Sen. Jim King, R-Jacksonville, was leading national anti-abortion activist Randall Terry in his bid to keep his District 8 seat. Early results in Duval County showed - with 39 of 81 precincts reporting - that King had 68.83 percent of the vote. Terry had 31.17 percent.
That's not just losing, that is a good old fashioned ass whipping in public with a horse whip. That is getting your ass handed to you. That is a 2-1 margin that the heavenly mouthpiece was humiliated by.

That usually signals the end of a political career. But being an evangelical I am sure he will have a resurrection in the near future so he can find another way to banish his problem children. You know his adopted children, one is a homo and the other has had substance abuse problems. Those children are no where to be seen at the compaign site. Hell I'd get all likkered up if I had to live with that version of Christianity straight out of Deliverance. Dunt dunt du duh, dunt dunt du duh. Doododoodoodododododoooo, why is that banjos I hear? Dueling banjos?


Kathy said...

Another fun fact about Terry: he doesn't avoid his adopted daughter just because of substance abuse problems; he avoids her because she had a child out of wedlock. Instead of getting an abortion, which is supposed to be a mortal sin in his book. That's really living your values, buddy.

Virginia said...

Terry is a part of the hijacking of Faith that is the Religious Right. Love has faded far to the background for these people and Judgement is the principle they live by. Read "The Left Hand of God" by Rabbi Michael Lerner for a clear picture of these crazies and what people of Faith can do to oppose them.

miss wild thing said...

Sister Virginia I cannot be expected to read such a big book if I am busier making pithy comments about such horrible examples of mankind like Mr Terry. Please forgive me.

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