Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Well here is the answer to the question I posed yesterday about the Ahnold tapes. I hatge it when the Dems do this stupid shit and blow themselves up.

Seems there are a copule of staff guys, one of whom I know, who did a little oppo research by adding and deleting a couple of back slashes to the Governator's page and lo and behold, hours of tape. Obviously not flattering.

Is it illegal? Unknown. Is it unethical? Your call. Is this stupidity from all parties? Without a doubt. OK, now I know why Donald Rumsfeld talks like this.

At any rate, this incident is going to go the way of the buffalo, there will be a new outbreak of stupidity any moment now and we will have to watch the car accident du jour. Does anyone really care about the people of California? Do the people fo California care they are represented by such a stupid, course man? Apparently not.

But Angelides is not helping himself, either. He continues to just give stump speeches with no change in sight. He is making Gray Davis look colorful.

November can't come soon enough.

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