Friday, September 08, 2006

All Ahnold

He may be racist but for sure he is stupid and the leading elected official of the fifth largest economy in the world. That would be the Governator who was busted by the LA Times today for talking about blacks and Latinos in less than complimentary ways. The short version? We are all um, hot.

That's right folks we are all capable of outbursts, emotional outbursts. Don't fuck with me. I will rip your legs off and beat you with the bloody ends. We will have big time chingasos.

But wait, wait, he apologized, so no harm, no foul. Again the LA Times was on top of this story. And it was one of those lame ass apologies, if anyone is offended, blah, blah, blah. Man I wish my folks could pull it together for this election and kick this guy out. With the headlines the next day that white boy got booted from a majority minority state. Kicked to the curb, that's where he needs to end up.

And Miss Marinucci has the final word on this California question. Does he tape all his meetings? Is this Tapegate?

I just think it is disgusting that the Lesbian Democratic chief of staff didn't object to the locker room talk about race. Whazzup with that, Susan Kennedy? Time for me and miss Susan to have chingasos down at 20th and Mission and we will see who is hotter blooded. WE'll sell tickets too.

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