Thursday, August 31, 2006

Game day

I went to see my nephew's first football game today. I could tell it had been a looong time since I was around that many teenagers. I realized I have become an old woman.

The noise was just gawd awful. The horrible music being played on crappy louspeakers, the ringing phones, the skateboards clanking on bleachers, the game boy in back of my head, bong, clink, click, ick. What's worse the team got their butts whupped in a very serious fashion, 28-0.

It was a perfect analogy for the US these days. They kept running the same play over and over again, expecting different results. Here comes a run, and then another and another. They threw a whopping three times, twice into the ground and the third an interception. Wow that kept the other team guessing. Third and nine, we'll do the same run.

The travesty in Iraq in not a football game, it is much more serious. Hard to tell from the dumb fucks making speeches all around the country today. If you want some accountability, you're a fascist. Want some different results than killings daily of innocent civilians, then you have become the modern version of Neville Chamberlain.

But what's this? The Dems are sending in a real offense now against Bush! According to WaPo, the Dems are going to try hold a confidence vote on Dumbsfeld. This is like a fleaflicker and end around all in the same play. Ask if you don't know the slang, ok?

I can't believe it! A demand for accountability in Iraq! What? You want to know who made the decision to not send enough troops after the military professionals advised against it? Who made the decision to send Paul Bremer to lead the Provisional Authority and let him disband the Iraqi army and totally piss off Iraqis with guns? And the media is actually asking follow up questions? Now I hope this is not a fake punt gone bad. I can hardly wait to hear the coach tomorrow whining about the other team targetting his star player. Whaa, we've heard it all before and Americans are still dying.

Get a clue or get out. Stop the blood shed. Prepare for November.

Did you know?

Did you know that the time taken to clean up the San Francisco 1906 earthquake was less than what Bush has done in New Orleans?

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Creepy people

My Gawd, doesn't Donald Rumsfeld give you the creeps? And what the hell kind of rhetoric is crapping on us now? We haven't learned from history? The Dems righfully jumped all over him today.

I loved Nancy Pelosi's statement:

"If Mr. Rumsfeld is so concerned with comparisons to World War II, he should explain why our troops have now been fighting in Iraq longer than it took our forces to defeat the Nazis in Europe."
This is the sign of a desperate man fronting a desperate administration. They are trying to change the subject from Katrina where they abonded thousands of Americans to Iraq where they have abandoned hundreds of thousands in Iraq while trying to force feed the region democracy. It hasn't worked yet so why do they expect it to work now? Last call at the bar and they are going home alone desperate.

In other news, the idiot in chief is roaming the country raising money for Republicans all on taxpayers dimes. This is a man of privilege, used to someone picking up the tab, letting him run around the country doing photo ops for the rich and richer. Iraq is burning and he is rasing money to make sure no one in Congress can ask him questions. Kind of like the teenager who gets busted but is trying to hide the bad news from the folks. And then steals money from their wallets on top of it.

As Kathy at Birmingham Blues says, I want my money back. With interest.

Today I was listening to Ed Schultz on Air America. He took a call from a neighbor of the Prophet of Polygamy in Sandy, Utah. Boy did she have some stories to tell! Did you know that the Prophet marries the first wife. Then all the rest of the wives are not recognized by the state so they all go on welfare? There is so much inbreeding amongst these people that there are always massive amounts of disabled children that, again, are being paid for by the state. So they have this compound in Utah where all the wives and hundreds of children live and it is supported by state services. Breathtaking! Check out the article in the WaPo.


These people bring a whole new meaning to stupid. Focus on the Family is now claiming that gay and lesbian couples are more violent than straight couples. Oh really? What do we do, tease each other's hair? Rearrange the flowers or silverware? I know in my house it is all about moving things. I put something down and the spouse moves it. That alone is grounds for a major brawl. Let's not even talk what happens when we have a disagreement about what to watch at night. Oh, the fur is flying, the dogs and cats run for cover and one of us goes to the the other watch the other tv.

I won't even post the link because it is a far better use of time to look at something like George Allen's picture with a bunch of Southern crackers from a mere 10 years ago. From the man who gave us macaca, now we have pictures of his time spent with men who feel this way:
"We also oppose all efforts to mix the races of mankind, to promote non-white races over the European-American people through so-called "affirmative action" and similar measures, to destroy or denigrate the European-American heritage, including the heritage of the Southern people, and to force the integration of the races."

Well hell, yes, who wants to integrate with those fools? That kind of relationship spreads stupidity and given how high up the stupidity plague has gone, all the way to Capitol Hill and the White House, we could hardly afford to have a wider outbreak of stupidity. It could cause the loss of major cities, oh wait. Environmental laws that have kept us safe for decades could be rolled back. Oops, too late another stupidity outbreak. Not to mention civil liberties, social justice progress and the scapegoating of whole groups of people.

Folks, I think we have every symptom, we have a full fledged stupidity outbreak.

So what can we do to stop this wave of stupidity? Read books. Have discourse with other intelligent people like yourself. If you are reading this, that proves you are working against the plague of stupidity. Engage other people in the community, do civic activities. Confront stupid people, don't let them get away with spreading this awful disease.

But most of all, tell the truth about stupidity. It is an awful, lazy, paralyzing disease which does not make any of us better, cuter, or earn us more money. Unless you are a Republican living in DC. Calling Mary Cheney. But the karmic response to her stupidity was a whopping 6,000 books sold. Waaah, too bad.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Another day

Yes indeedy it is political season. Today the Governator signed a bill today which bans lgbt discrimination in all state funded programs. The right wingers went nuts again. Waaah, too bad. Three other lgbt bills were passed along in the legislative process, also. The right wingers went more nuts. I can't stand going to the Freepers site so, just trust me, they are declaring the end of civilization as we know it. If you must see their drivel, go see Ms Pam at her House Blend page. I always feel like I need a cleansing ceremony after reading that shit.

In the SJ Mercury today there was an interesting article about the Governor's race. The issue for us voting types in the Golden State is how the Governator is, again, recasting himself in a different role. He is tacking hard to the middle, as I have said before, and the issue for the Dems and Angelides is how to get back traditional Democratic issues. Ahnold has said he will sign an increase to the minimum wage, usually our issue. He is signing lgbt bills, for sure a Dem issue. The Democratic legislature has now passed bills providing universal health care and license for undocumented people in California. One of those bills alone would mark out radically different paths for each party. Ahnold has already vetoed the driver's license bill before. I have no idea what will happen to the health care bill.

Every year the season starts earilier and earlier. Just like the Christmas ornaments on sale at the local Long's now. Being the Christmas freak that I am, I stop and look, see if there is anything interesting. And now I am doing the same thing with political news, stopping to look around see fi there is anything interesting. Lots of bursts of activity but I still get the sense that most folks are trying to squeeze every last bit of the summer out of this week. If I was working, I am sure I would be doing the same thing. except the parents who have sent their kids back to school and are taking a collective sigh right about now.

Of course all of this is child's play compared to the politics in my former state of confusion, New Mexico. Two state treasurers have been indicted by grand juries for taking and soliciting bribes. The current candidate for state auditor has been accused of sex crimes. The Governor is running for re-election at the same time he is running for President. The first Congressional district could tip the balance in the House. Now this doesn't even account for local races and scandals liek the state legislator whose husband, the judge, let a friend out of jail after he was arrested for drunk driving. Well the Governor seems to have ejected the state auditor candidate today.

Can't think of much else to talk about tonight. I have to squeeze in more reading for my summer vacation.

Katrina facts

I am just plain ol' lifting this right from Pam's House Blend to share data about the lack of progress in the Gulf Coast.

* Estimated percentage of New Orleans metro area's pre-storm population of about 460,000 that had returned as of June 30: 37

* Of the 368 buses operating in New Orleans before Katrina, number operating as of July 2006: 61

* Gallons of water the new Orleans water system loses each day due to breaks caused by Katrina and an underfunded repair budget: 85 million

* Months after Katrina that federal money for housing reconstruction was approved: 10

* Total federal funds dispersed so far to rebuild homes: 0

* Occupancy rate of livable apartments in New Orleans: 99

* Number of hospitals in Orleans Parish before Hurricanes Katrina and Rita: 22

* Number as of August 2006: 11

* Approximate increase in New Orleans suicide rate since Katrina: 300%

* Percent of New Orleans small businesses destroyed by Katrina: 60

* By May 2006, percent of small businesses that had been approved for disaster loans from the Small Business Administration that had actually received them: 37

* Value of wages that contractors had not paid their workers but were eventually recovered by the Mississippi Immigrant Rights Alliance: over $700,000

* Number of New Orleans prisoners whose trials have never been set or have been delayed, or who have never seen an attorney: about 6,000

* Amount of oil spilled in Louisiana from damaged tanks and other production facilities during Hurricanes Katrina and Rita: 10.5 million gallons

* Amount spilled from 1989 Exxon Valdez disaster in Alaska: 11 million gallons

* Portion of hazardous materials that authorities would be "lucky" to remove from the post-Katrina waste stream, according to an EPA official: 20 to 30 percent

* Percent of New Orleans cultural institutions that remain closed from storm damage: 75

* Of the 30 U.N. Principles guiding the handling of "Internally Displaced People," number that legal scholars believe were violated in the case of Katrina: 16

Source: One Year after Katrina, Gulf Coast Reconstruction Watch/Institute for Southern Studies, August 2006.

Monday, August 28, 2006

It's on

Labor Day is the traditional start of political season for November elections. That would be this coming weekend, I believe. But for those of us who are political junkies, there is no off season.

This afternoon I was handwriting envelopes for my friend, Evan Low, who is running for Campbell, Ca city council. What a great guy! Of course, inspired by Ms KD Lang, I got into the hand addressing zone and whipped out a bunch.

Clark Williams is out walking precincts, talking to voters. He is in a very contested race and could use support and help for this race. Anyone interested? Money? Time? Help get two great openly gay candidates elected in the Santa Clara Valley.

The battle is on with the Governator trying to retain his ranking in California government as the top dawg. Democratic opponent Phil Angelides will be offering bare knuckle competition for this race. As always, I am pulling for the Dem, Angelides. This could make wrestling look like a sand box fight. Of course, many political battles are sand box fights. Only now they are VERY expensive sand boxes.

We got lucky here in California and the homobigots couldn't get their shit together to get an anti-gay amendment on the November ballot this year. We are sure they will be back in '08 but we have two years to do some high level education in our various communities, especially minority communities, about our relationships, lives and families. I will be working with the Brazilian spitfire, Marta Donayre, to organize a Latino forum on marriage in San Jose. Calling all Latino allies, now is the time to step up!

Now let us not forget the big prize, winning back the House and Senate. Many things are changing daily, including Senator Macaca's loss of a double digit lead for the Senate seat in Virginia. That would be incumbent George Allen who was nothing short of a disaster for himself the last two weeks. Whheee, the feet are flying into mouths. Open up that door Mr Gorbachov, I mean Dr. Frist, let freedom in.

I hope we see the Democratic wave being talked about by pollsters, pundits and paranoid Republicans. I was devastated the night in 1994 when we got our butts handed to us.

On top of it, there was a bigger trouncing going in California with the passage of Prop 187, denying rights to undocumented people. Those people are me, that's my family. Yup, all 22 million of us. Don't like us here? Clean your own damn house, take care of your own kids, mow your own lawn and clean up you own dishes at your favorite restaurant.

Yup, the political season is on.

One more thing, I see pumpkins! Halloween is right around the corner!

A year ago

The question has been posed on Americablog of what were you doing a year ago as Katrina was steaming into the Gulf Coast? I was watching and trying to call my friend, Chris, in New Orleans to see if he was ok. As can be expected, it took me weeks to find him although the Chris network was working so that I knew he was ok, his roommate/ex-boyfriend had left NOLA for one of the Carolinas. He had run off to Thibideaux, LA which was untouched and hunkered down with his mom, siblings and their kids to wait and watch the outcome. When I finally got to him about six weeks later, he was still with his mom, having stood in lines for hours to get housing assistance, food, social security, all the basics. Not a horror story, to be sure. But still a little slice of what this government has wrought.

I love New Orleans. It is a beautiful city and many parts of it have been saved. These are some of the things I know and love about it. It is the first city that had a significant population of free people of color living in it. The first person who sued for the end of segregation, Homer Plessy, is buried in Saint Louis Cemetery #1. Marie Laveau, the voodoo priestess, is buried in the same cemetery. The wax museum in the Quarter has an exhibit of some of the grossest shit I've ever seen. I have a shitload of beads and I have never once lifted my shirt to get some. I believe men have given me beads to keep my shirt on. The architecture is magnificent in the Quarter and in the Garden District and in the Marigny. I am a cemetery person and I have not spent enough time looking at the cemeteries. There is nothing like the first bite of a beignet. There are no women's bathrooms in Lafitte's in Exile, one of the gazillion gay bars there. You can imagine the look on the guy's face who walked in while I was attending to my business there. I have been to restaurants there where I needed translation of the menu and the local dialect. Walking around the Quarter at night, sitting in the Quarter, eating in the Quarter.

So is it wrong to talk about what I love about New Orleans? I don't know. I know it is wrong what happened there. I feel a heaviness in my heart looking at the faces of the people wounded by this. There is a belief in Buddhism that one must bear witness to the tragedy and sorrows of other people in order to lighten their burden. It is important not just today but every day to bear witness to the suffering of the poor, the people of color, the sick, the animals and all those wounded, spiritually and emotionally, in the Gulf Coast. I could not do as good a job as others who have spoken eloquently about their rage. Please go to Shakespeare's Sister for a blogswarm of emotion, truth telling, and Bush ass ripping.

We can't forget our brothers and sisters in the part of the country. If we do, all hope is lost for our humanity. Figure out a way to help.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Lesson for a lifetime

So now that gay and lesbian political folks in Alabama and around the country know directly what it feels like to have system used against us, please note this has been going on for multiple generations in people of color communities. So the lesson? Don't treat others the way you have been treated. Don't hurt others the way you've been hurt.

Simple, huh?

Patricia Todd has won!

Kathy at Birmingham Blues is bringing us the latest news and it seems there are real Democrats in Alabama. The vote was 95-87 in favor of throwing out the stupid subcommittee's decision. That's closer than I would like to see but a win is a win. Yeah baby!!!!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Summer's end

Now that the end of the summer is in sight, I am trying to squeeze in more fun things to do. KD Lang was dreamy in concert on Wednesday night. I have now see her five times since the 80's and she continues to enchant and entertain. Her enthusiasm for her music and her freedom as an entertainer, an out entertainer are truly wonderful to partake. We saw her at the Paul Masson Winery, an outdoor theater which was a perfect setting for Ms KD. The crickets were chirping, the weather was perfect, ah bliss in California.

Tonight we went to see a blast from the past, part of the British invasion, Herman's Hermits. That's Herman, or rather lead singer, Peter Noone in the pic. Again, a perfect setting, at the beach in Santa Cruz. So many people my age, singing along the entire concert.

"Mrs. Brown you've got a lovely daughter..."

We were all 16 again, with our hair its natural color, sitting on the beach, swooning over the cute singer from Britain. OK, I'm over the cute boy thing but it was still fun to be 16 for a while tonight. And even better to go sit on the boardwalk, eating crap food like funnel cakes, talking about baseball, old friends, school, jobs and dinner in the coming week together. It is magic when a person can have friends like Marie and Roxane for 25 or so years and know they have loved me for all those years whether I saw them or not.

"I'm Henry the eighth I am, Henry the eighth I am, I am...."

I noticed, though, that there was one element missing from tonight's concert, no gay men. There should have been gay men my age there who liked the cute boy singer. So I wasn't 16 anymore, I was 51 and missing my generation of gay men. Those guys should have been with us on the beach tonight, dancing the night away pretending to be 16 again.

"Baby, baby, can't you hear my heartbeat....."

Thursday, August 24, 2006

More AL

Thankfully the Alabama state party chair seems to understand what the state subcommittee did not. Votes do count and pulling up ancient laws do not and should not change the outcome of an election. See Bush v Gore.

Happy Feet v 2.0

Danny from Doc's Political Parlor gave a tip on Ralph Reed and his happy feet. Seems cute little Ralph has just disappeared so he can't be served by the Coushatta tribe for screwing them in public. I guess honesty is not the best policy. Not if you are the former head of the Christian Coalition. Do as I say, not as I do. I believe next year's dictionaries will be full of pages of pics Reed, DeLay, Abramoff, Ney, et al under the definition of hypocrisy.

Some more from AL

Here's more from the undemocratic state of Alabama. I think the committee went out to the parking lot and made their decision over a bottle of something then ran to their cars so no one could demand some accountability. Agood point made over at Americablog. Apparently the Democratic party has learned nothing from the Lamont win and they still want to sit on the sidelines as democracy takes a back seat to ego, power and money.

Breaking news from Alabama

If this doesn't beat the shit out of democracy, I don't know what does. Patricia Todd's victory in Alabama has been thrown out. Details are starting to come in but it appears that both candidates have been tossed from the race because of an arcane state party measure which the party sys has precedent over state law. I know, and Barry Bonds use of steroids is ok in baseball because there wasn't a regulation against it. Just cus it was against the don't matter, just like the results of an election don't matter. See Bush v Gore.

Happy Feet!

Oh yeah! You're outta there again! The Christian Coalition was founded by the village idiot at right, Pat Robertson. It created the diving board for choir boy Ralph Reed, left, who just fell to the bottom of the empty pool in Georgia last month. In case you didn't catch that lovely election, Ralph was handed his ass because it turned out he was Jack Abramoff's home boy.

So now, the Medusa creature who heads the current version of the Christian Coalition is causing all those god fearing people to run away in search of some corner of the country that will provide them even more cover for their hatred and ignorance. The Christian Coalition is about a million dollars in debt and losing chapters.

The sound you are hearing now is the dancing at my house. Karma is a wonderful thing to watch.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

No blog for me today. I'm off to see the big boned gal from southern Alberta.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

You're outta there

According to the SF Chron, Lou Sheldon's home boy, Ben Lopez was kicked to the curb this weekend after it was revealed he was doing outreach to the biblically correct for Ahnold. Yeah baby, they got caught again trying to pass off religion as politics. Since the Governator is tacking hard to the left trying to appear as a moderate it would not do to have homphobe Lou's home boy getting paid to do his thang. There are apparently conflicting views on why he is no longer with the campaign. WAAAh.

DNC v 2.0

So let's see where were we? The DNC has passed new suggestions for how state parties are supposed to include gay and lesbian delegates for the next Presidential convention. So that would be rules without penalties, right? And this is the same DNC that won't stand up for the lesbian candidate, Patricia Todd, in Alabama who won an election fair and square? And the same DNC who will let a big dog in the Alabama Dem party run roughshod over the election results because he doesn't like the results?

So how then does this work for the convention? The DNC can't seem to grasp the basics of an electoral win and support a democratic process do then they will do what for us when the states ignore this suggestion for inclusion? Slap their hands? Give them a good talking to? Oh wait, I know...nothing.

To be clear, this is exactly what many people feared when Dean announced his 50 state strategy and got rid of the gay and lesbian desk. There is no one at the DNC to support Patricia Todd in her efforts! This is what the integration of gay and lesbian support into every state party looks like. A lesbian wins an election, a big money guy in the state party doesn't like the results and not one peep out of the staff in DC. Why????? Cus they want to keep their jobs!

Forget standing up for lgbt people, no more pretenses now. It is now evident that this is about job security and not the principles of the Democratic party. We are now officially second class citizens at the DNC. We have been pimped out. We have been sold out by our own folks who keep acting like this is a good deal. We have gone backwards.

Oh but see the DNC isn't prejudiced when it comes to taking queer money. Our money is good there, just don't expect to be treated equally. In an update in the Blade today, a former DNC spokesperson claimed that we should get rid of identity politics in the Democratic party. So how 'bout you DNC people quit asking specifically for gay and lesbian money and we stop giving it? Is that what you are talking about?

And how come it is all white guys doing all the talking here? Did all the people of color who are queer fall off the political map? Oh wait, wait, what was I thinking - the movement is now controlled by white men, I had a moment of mental pause. I thought I was back in the day when I was on the DNC with Mandy Carter and we were treated respectfully and could get things done.

We are completely shut out of the equality equation. I say no more money, get it from somewhere else. And bite me, you people don't respect anyone anymore, including yourselves.


Well since I am, in theory, just writing for myself on this blog. No ego involved at all, yea right. Anyway, I apologize to myself for not writing yesterday. I had a job interview this morning and couldn;t think of anything to say. Except of course, why I left my last job, what my financial experience is, why do I want to work at this place?

Hopefully the blood will be flowing again to the brain cells in a few hours after soccer.

So, self, I'm sorry.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

A little question

So while we are questioning what was done at the DNC meeting this weekend, let's also ask how much money the DNC has raised from the lgbt community and how much has gone back in to help with the upcoming ballot measures.

If you guessed a whopping $10,000 has been put back into the community, you would be correct.

LIfe as I don't understand it

In another life, I would have been in Chicago this weekend at the Democratic National Committee meeting. But life changed, Howard Dean didn't keep his word to me and I did not get re-appointed to the DNC. Oh well, now I am at home, planting a new hibiscus today and going to a cousin's birthday party.

As a jock, I still watch the game from the sidelines. This weekend has been particularly interesting because, once again, the gay and lesbian caucus tried to get itself inserted into the numbers game for the next Presidential election. But here's something to note about this effort, it has been tried since 1998. OK note the sarcasm here...What a win!

Taken from a 1998 press release from the DNC Gay and Lesbian Caucus:

"The DNC Rules & Bylaws Committee voted unanimously in favor of an amendment to the sections of the 1996 delegate selection rules governing outreach and inclusion of groups traditionally active but underrepresented in the Democratic Party. The amendment, submitted by California DNC member Garry Shay, requires state parties to develop and submit to the DNC outreach plans for delegate selection that include those " historically underrepresented" in the Democratic Party because of "race/ethnicity, age, sexual orientation or disability ." The new rules also require state parties to give "priority of consideration" to these underrepresented groups in a state's delegate selection process " in order to assist in the achievement of full participation by these groups."

You can view the whole release at

There have been numerous conversations going on behind the scenes about this change. If you read the Washington Blade article, you will see concerns about "opening the floodgates" for other constituency groups to be represented in the affirmative action. Oh no, the party of inclusion having to be more inclusive? And the even more troubling comment about finding gay African Americans so they can "two-fers." Holy shit, folks, that's pretty racist. But then if you notice all the folks commenting in the Blade article are white. As are all the heads of the national lgbt organizations except for the Black Justice Coalition.

But hey, wait a second, there is a black lesbian on the DNC. But you wouldn't know it if you didn't have the inside scoop. Why? Because she is closeted. Can't have the Presidential campaign manager be a lesbian or you might lose. Oh wait, we did lose.

So this bone that was thrown to the gay and lesbian caucus seems a little weak. To look at it on the surface seems nice. After all, we are all friends, get along nice, blah, blah, blah. But if you knew like I know how state parties operate, this isn't any good. There are no teeth in this new resolution. All bark and no bite.

Parties are supposed to be inclusive but what if they aren't? Then what happens? Doesn't say. As Donald Hitchcock says in the Blade article there are no requirements to set specific goals. And to further the problems, what about my transgender brothers and sisters? Where are they left. (Slap my head) Of course, they are just left behind.

There have been many behind the scenes conversations about this. It is apparent the Doctor is not on duty and really doesn't care about this core issue of inclusion and representation. There are key staff at the DNC who are hiding behind the religious mantle to dismantle all things that heave been built up for gay and lesbian inclusion at the DNC. I know Garry Shay and Brian Bond work hard to represent the community. But, but, but if all our representatives look the same, how do the African Americans perceive the gay and lesbian community except as white guys with privilege?

I am an unemployed Latina Lesbian living in San Jose, California. I have two privileges, my car and my house. I broke the law in Mass. to marry my spouse. I care deeply about the Democratic Party of John F. Kennedy, the way my immigrant grandfather did. But I am not represented now at the DNC and I wonder if I ever will be again.

Friday, August 18, 2006


A monstrous hat tip to John Aravosis at Americablog for this post about the idiot in chief:

I've had it with this idiot.

We've got the president of the fucking United States of America lecturing a US court of law that it's supposed to reach decisions NOT based on the rule of law, but on "the nature of the world we live in."

You God damn stupid fuck.

You have the nerve to claim Osama and the terrorists hate our democracy? They got nothing on you and your fellow "Republicans." Do you people even believe in freedom? Do you believe in the Bill of Rights? Do you believe in our Constitution? Do you fucking believe in anything other than your absolute power to do whatever the fuck you want like some two-bit communist dictator rather than the president of the greatest country on earth?

We live in a democracy, you incompetent ass - one that is quickly eroding because half the people of this country elected a moron to the presidency (twice) and now are so embarrassed by their vote that they refuse to stand up and demand an end to your idiotic reign of terror.

These are judges you're demeaning. American jurists. The people in charge of our laws. And you speak of them like they're nothing more than crap. You and your party have contempt for our entire system of jurisprudence, the entire system of checks and balances our democracy is based on, because you can't get your way 100% of the time. Well boo-fucking-hoo. We are a country of laws, you stupid stupid man.

The world in which we live is one in which the town drunk thinks he's the king of the fucking world.

Osama bin Laden is a danger to be sure. But the greatest threat to our democracy is from George Bush and his genuflecting Republicans.
I surely can sleep better tonight after reading and sharing this.

Thursday, August 17, 2006


How many times can I dance around the living room celebrating the judge who put a stop to the warrantless eavesdropping by this fascist government? OK, I 'll go once around the room one more time - whoohoo, yeah baby, up yours Gonzales you pitiful excuse for a Mexican. And who, Mr. Gonzalez are you representing? Certainly not the Constitution and the American people. What's that, oh the President is your client? Hmmm, that's not right either. But, hey, thanks for being a good analogy for me to use. Just cus you're brown doesn't mean you know what's right. You are the walking definition of a malcriada. I so look forward to those subpoenas I see in your future.

And this judge, yeah baby, she put the slap on His Chimpiness.

"There are no hereditary kings in America and no powers not created by the Constitution,'' said U.S. District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor in rejecting President Bush's claim that he had the inherent power to authorize the program.
Oh yes, this is not a kingdom. Sing along with me, this is not a kingdom.

And now, with a hat tip to DailyKos, we have this little nugget from James Wolcott in answer to the question - Is Bush an idiot?
Is water wet?

Is Colin Farrell stubbly?

Unlike other two-term presidents, Bush hasn't grown in office, become an old familiar whose irritating traits and lapses could be accepted almost affectionately, like Reagan's dottiness. He's demonstrably diminished, dwarfed by the reality that he continues to deny and repeating himself in press conferences like a robot whose wiring is on the fritz, for whom words and phrases are nothing more than pre-programmed units of sound. He's more irritating and dangerous than ever before, because he doesn't know anything, doesn't know or care that he doesn't know anything, and yet persists in a path of destruction as if it were the road to salvation. It's finally dawned on responsible minds that Bush could take all of us down with him before he and the neocons are through.

Yes, that would be if we live through thise neocon period. But then I thought Castro was dead earlier this month too so what the hell do I know?

But the good news continues to roll in at my house. I have a job interview on Tuesday! That calls for another dance, listen you can hear Madonna... "holidaaay". Hockey season is a few weeks away, go Sharks, this year we get Lord Stanley's Cup. "It would be so nice..."

Finally a win!!!

A judge has ruled against the NSA wiretaps.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What? I'm boring?

I started another post earlier and bored myself to tears. It's all about me, what the fuck I did today, how magnificent my yard looks and how I can count to 20 in Russian. Whoohoo! As Rumsfeld would say, my goodness, BORING!

So today, Weds August 16th, I didn't get a call for an interview. I didn't sleep in but I did take a nap. I did do shit around the house and I did continue to read "Fiasco." Still boring.

I wish I was feeling witty and gay instead of just gay. Sometimes when I am around gay men for a while, I drop out of the funny competition because I can't keep up.

Just like in soccer when those little, skinny bitches run by me, I want to throw myself on the ground and just say, "Wait til you get to be my age, just wait!" Those hot flashes and night sweats are the stuff of nightmares, I tell you. And the mood swings, ugh. What mood swings, I just feel different from one moment to the next. Oh yes, mylittle pretty they will come to haunt your relationship too. Trust me on this one. Ok don't trust me, I don't care, but you'll see. I need to stop rubbing my hands together when I think these thoughts. It's really not pretty.

The idiot in chief continues to be the idiot in chief. Nothing has changed exept he looks even more stupid in safety glasses. Thanks to Shakes Sis for this contribution to our collective stupidity.

Ok here's another mental pause thought. Oh wait, I forgot. What was that word again?

I've had it, no more jocularity for me. Maybe tomorrow I won't be so boring. Or menopausal. Wait, what was I thinking?

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

And the beat goes on...

Well so many people on my side of the blogospere are lit up about another idiot Republican, this time Senator George Allen, who used a racial slur popular on white supremacist sites to describe an Indian American man yesterday. Of course there is now a ton of research on the word he used, the roots of it and the fact that Allen's mother is a French citizen and guess where the word originated? You betcha, in the land of fries and brie. I bet Zidane has been called that a time or two on the soccer field.

Ok so for my nice liberal friends who are outraged I have one thing to say. DUH! The man belongs to the most elite men's club in the world what do you expect??? He represents Virginia, was at an all white gathering and he had a chance to let his folks there know he is one of them. They were just missing a few white sheets, is all.

And then you expected a real apology? Please. I could have told you what he was going to say. But then that requires folks to talk to people of color and get our hit on it. Do I see that on the blogs, nope. All white, all the time.

That's why I keep pounding on the keys here. Not only is it good for me to write every day (that journalism degree has to count for something) but my viewpoint, this Latina lesbiana view point is out there.

I have an idea that this blog is read by some folks and I am hoping folks will start posting a little more so there can be more conversation. Until then, I'll keep speaking up and reminding the universe that there are other opinions, other experiences and other lives. At least there is a little window open here to move the air around and see if we can get some fresh air. We'll all think more clearly.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Sixteen candles

Today Jo and I celebrated 16 years together. I think this makes us a long term couple. We had a nice evening together. We had our nephew Ben over here in between his football practices. An all around lovely day. Now if I could just find a job.....

This photo was taken at our wedding reception in our backyard in Santa Fe.


Last Friday, I was talking with my aunt as we made tamales. My uncle, her husband, is going to the VA for some assistance. She said she saw an Iraq vet there last week who is missing a part of his head. That image has stayed with me for days.

That image especially creeps in my consciousness as I read "Fiasco" and watch the daily tragedies unfolding in the Middle East. What is it like for this man who went to do his duty for country and came back without many of abilities? Why is it we, as a country, don't have to make some sacrifice in this war? This war in Iraq has gone on longer than WWII and yet there is no collective gasp at the loss of life, limbs and brains by a some of our fellow Americans. There are, however, attempts by the Republican bullies to make us afraid.

We should be afraid of everything, toothpaste will blow us up and let's not even talk about those expensive lipsticks. There are a lot of people who have criticized the vile and disgusting displays by that sick bastard Cheney and Ken Mehlman who say sick shit about Ned Lamont, the democratic process and the outcome of a fair primary in Connecticut. If you are not familiar, check out AmericaBlog and the DailyKos. My point is this country is quickly degenerating into a large sandbox, complete with bullies and cat shit.

I return to my vision of this young man in the VA. As no one asks or offers sacrifice, what becomes of him? Does he have a wife, girlfriend. siblings, parents? He has people who care about him, no doubt, who will be forever impacted by this radical curve in his path. So the ripple effect takes place and we can't hear the cries, the agony of this war because it is drowned out by cowards and bullies who wish to change this uncomfortable subject to something more to their liking. Even the cat shit is easier to discuss than the part of this man's head which was left in Iraq.

But this man is brave. He has come back and is living his life. Braver than those in office. Braver than some of us who don't want to be inconvenienced at the airport. Braver than those who think that Bush will keep them safe because it is easier to believe his lies than ask questions.

I refuse to be afraid of those terrorists. I refuse to give in to Bush's lies. I refuse to be manipulated. I will be brave like that man in the VA.

I wish I knew his name.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

check this out

NBC News has learned that U.S. and British authorities had a significant disagreement over when to move in on the suspects in the alleged plot to bring down trans-Atlantic airliners bound for the United States.

A senior British official knowledgeable about the case said British police were planning to continue to run surveillance for at least another week to try to obtain more evidence, while American officials pressured them to arrest the suspects sooner. The official spoke on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the case.

In contrast to previous reports, the official suggested an attack was not imminent, saying the suspects had not yet purchased any airline tickets. In fact, some did not even have passports.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Questions and more questions

So if we are faced with such a critical national safety threat, why is Bush still on vacation? I see deja vu all over again. Hello New Orleans?

If Bush and Cheney knew about this threat and didn't say a damn thing til Wednesday, after preparing talking points about the Dems, national security and Joe Lieberman, they are beyond disgusting. They are the devil spawn. Check out this timeline from the Democratic Congressional so you can see what they did and when. Coincidence? I think not.

It is past time for us to talk about how they have blown up everything they have touched, the Middle East, New Orleans, the fedral budget. Nice record. Oh yes, I trust you to take care of social security, immigration, fair elections. Ned Lamont is leading the way to show others that they can speak up, tell the truth and win elections.

I have to make a couple of Lieberman points here. First here is a quote from my Congresswoman, Zoe Lofgren. Love this:
Rep. Zoe Lofgren, a San Jose Democrat, was harsher: ``This is typical Joe Lieberman -- confusing his own well-being with that of his country.''
Then I have to agree with one of my favorite political gals, Maria Cardona, in today's San Jose paper.

Maria Cardona, a Democratic consultant in Washington, said she saw another element in the Lamont victory that has not received a lot of attention -- minority voters who see Iraq as an economic issue, draining resources from pressing domestic needs.
No kidding it is not receiving a lot of attention, like none. Although I must admit that I cannot read all 300+ postings at Kos or AmericaBlog. But even still, can we just add this to the conversation about the war? There's another Democratic phrase to keep using - draining resources.

Alright enough already, if I keep this up, I won't be able to get up out of bed in the morning and go make tamales. My aunt is calling all the girls to make tamales tomorrow so she can sell them. She is raising money for the National Lymphoma, Leukemia and Hodgkins group. She is hiking the Grand Canyon and raising money for this effort. So we are pitching in to help her. Oh boy, hours of gossip and putting masa on hojas. Something normal.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Otra vez

After reading this post on from Josh Marshall, I finally realized why I was so mad at Lieberman.

This captured it perfectly for me.
His continual embrace of President Bush — both literal and figurative — was an insult to Democrats, the great majority of whom believe Bush has governed as one of the most destructive Presidents in modern American history.
In my former life as a member of the Democratic National Committee, I was invited to a number of receptions at the DNC meetings. OK, it wasn't just me but all the DNC members. I wasn't that special. Anyway, when big baby Lieberman was running for President, he was hosting a reception at the DNC meeting. I got a very fancy schmancy invite to go to his reception as a member of the gay and lesbian caucus. The way the invite was phrased was so that it appeared that he was throwing this reception so he could meet with the gay and lesbian caucus exclusively. Well that turned out to be a big fat lie.

When I was approached by somebody from his staff I told her it was insulting for him to send out such deceptive invites. In fact the reception was for every single affinity group at the DNC. Pretty much the only people NOT invited were the straight white people. It was a classic bait and switch operation. Insulting, disrespectful and deceitful.

No wonder he still pisses me off. He hasn't changed his behavior one bit.

Oh toooo bad

Can I just say what a big butt hole Joe Lieberman is? Yes, the alleged man of faith is a big ass, proving it all day today on talk shows. Waah, wah, waaaah, I didn't win, it's all someone else's fault. And by the way, staff, you're all fired. The blogoshpere has it that his staff was going to quit anyway if he ran as an independent which is what he is going to do. He filed papers today to run as an independent Democrat.

In a Reuters
article today this is how the big baby is characterizing this race. "But Lieberman said he was anxious to renew the debate, calling Lamont an example of the polarizing forces that voters were tired of in Washington." If that was the case why did Lieberman lose? If the Connecticut voters wanted a bipartisan ass kisser in DC, why did he lose?

Wait, wait, I know the answer!! Call on me, call on me!

The answer is - because Lieberman doesn't really believe in bipartisanship. He believes in his right to occupy a seat on the US Senate floor and thus will do anything he needs to keep his ass in that seat. That includes putting his cheek next to Bush's and scolding Dems for speaking out against everything wrong with this administration. Blaccchhh. Disgusting.

Actually not only is he disgusting but he is immoral. Don't give us a freakin' lecture about what is wrong with DC if you have been there this entire time and your contribution has been to bitch at us not in power. And vote for this immoral war. That whole line of reasoning about this being the blogs' fault, you know what? Bite me. Free speech, good organizing, standing up to Bush, that is what the majority of the country wants, not some whiny ass man who lost his morality on the way to the Senate floor. Go home.

You make me sick. Just proves he never was a Democrat, just an embarrassment.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Mr Toad's Wild Ride

The blogoshpere is lit up tonight over Joe Lieberman's loss in Connecticut. I am not going to pile on here because I 1. don't have anything new and witty to say and 2. don't have anything new and witty to say.

Today, thankfully, I give a shit about the world. There is a lot of activity going on all over the place, like the Fed is not raising rates. That's good news for us lesbians with equity. Still no sightings of Fidel or Raul Castro.

My friend, Carla Marinucci. from the SF Chronicle posts this little tidbit from SoCal. Seems the jewish community's best friend, Mel Gibson, signed a support letter for Repug candidate for Light Guv of California, Tom McClintock. I bet his campaign wishes they had that one back.

Considering this is August I am surprised there have been so many political flurries. Usually this is vacation time in the world of politics. Already ads are up on tv for the fall races, some people are paying attention to what is happening in campaigns, there is more political gossip than usual at this time of the year. Ah politics, a year round addiction.

But I must add that most people are not paying attention. It is summer time still, kids are not in school yet, there is still time to schedule and/or take vacations. Most civilized people do not want to pay attention let alone have an opinion about who they are voting for in November. That is where the bulk of the votes are, with normal people whose lifeblood is not in politics. That's not me, I guess. There I've said it, that is the first step, recognizing the addiction. But I am not ready for the 12 step program yet. I still have Clark Williams' campaign, there is the Governator's race, there is a good chance we can take one, if not both houses of Congress back.

So I am just buckling up for another shot at Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, otherwise known as the world of politics. Whoohoo, yeah baby, here we go!

Monday, August 07, 2006


I just discovered that I don't give a shit about anything today. I caught up on the back issues of the New Yorker, Time and Newsweek then lo and behold, I found out don't care about anything I read. I am quite sure this is just temporary or it may be an August slump. Bu then on the other hand don't know, don't care.

I have looked through all my regular blogs, the web pages of the Chronicle, the WaPo, Miami Herald, Washington Blade,, and my reaction is so what. No Fidel or Raul sightings, no truce in the Middle East, no equal rights in the country, no new Hollywood golden couple, nothing of interest.

Oh no, could it be the dreaded summer "I'm bored" time? This is what happens for kids before they go back to school, not an adult who has magazine subscriptions, digital cable, a library card, and unlimited internet access.

Oh yes, an adult without a job, that's right. Time on my hands and loads of Mexican Catholic guilt to go around. Must do something, can't sit down and read, must garden, take out the garbage, plant the giant pumpkin plant, apply for a job, cook dinner, do laundry, recycle, feed the dogs. Damn, no wonder my feet hurt. I am sure I am channeling my great grandmother, Mamita, when I get like this.

Tomorrow is another day, maybe I might care about something. Then again, maybe not. I don't care.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Stay there

From the administration that brought you the brilliant response to Hurricane Katrina and the war in Iraq as well as the Mes' o' potamia (alright I had to steal from Jon Stewart) now we have, dun da dah... Condi telling the Cubans they can rely on the US!

So I have to say, "Stay in Cuba until your family comes for you." This is one time where folks really need to stay until the coast is clear. Otherwise you'll end up in Idaho or Houston or some place you never heard of.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

I love Cubans

Here's another reason I love the Cubans. This is a story in the Miami Herald about the patron saint of Cuba, Our Lady of Charity of Cobre, and Castro. Yes, they are related in this story.

While I am at it, here's another one about Castro, Elian Gonzales and the Afro-Cuban religion of Santeria.

Friday, August 04, 2006

The real deal

There is a very important study which was done for the California Progress Report on why Francine Busby lost in SoCal in June.

Wanna know why? Because she had the wrong message. The district overwhelmingly is Repug but thinks the country is going the wrong way. Her message of the "culture of corruption" did not resonate with voters because they didn't think she could change Bush/Congress. They want a candidate/Congresswoman who will stand up to Bush.

Please read this. It is the road map for November. Stand up, have some ovaries.

My new hibiscus

A purple hibiscus from my backyard. Cheaper than going to Hawaii.


Chula must think she is photogenic or something. Here she is posing on Jo's bed. It is one of the truly amazing things about pets when we catch them in these human positions, lounging heavily.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

This and that, v. 2.0

It's a good day when Hillary bitch slaps Rumsfeld in Senate hearings. And his response??? "My goodness." Eeeehehehehehe. Finally, someone with some ovaries in public! Asking the right questions for a change what a concept. And poor widdle Donald had to be saved from the line of questioning by Senator Warner, he who promised to get to the bottom of the Abu Ghraib fiasco. Apparently Warener is lacking a set.

I loved this one, too from the Chron. A woman in New Hampshire baked cookies on the dash of her car on Wednesday. Now that is damn hot!

While I am gleeful tonight, let's also celebrate the demise of the Congressional attempt to give a tax break by dropping the estate tax for a whopping 7200 people in the country. Bastards had the huevos to attach this larceny to the minimum wage legislation. Yeah that's a fair deal, let's rip off working people by attaching this piece of shit to it and see if anyone notices that it is stinky in here.

And if you need any more evidence that the world as we know it is ending, here it is...Homos in the Castro are seriously discussing not having a big bash for Halloween. Can you imagine, the queer holiday not celebrated in the Castro? There are legitimate safety concerns and I think it is very grown up for people to actually be talking about it and not just throwing hissy fits or threatening each other.

Meanwhile there is stil no sign of either Castro brother in Cuba. Speculation is that Raul is planning Fidel's funeral. Or has drank himself into oblivion.

Speaking of dictatorships, the courts refused to take Tom DeLay's name off the ballot in Texas. Oops, too bad, someone living in Virginia can't run for Congress in Texas. Oh wait, now he has to run and he becomes the poster boy for GOP corruption. Convicted people are good poster children for corruption.

On final note, I am going to high school reunions starting tomorrow night. Wish me well.

I hate Pacific Care

For those of you in northern California, here's a warning. Do not sign up for Pacific Care insurance if you have a choice. This is a real tale of woe and they have pissed me off again and again and again with their incompetence.

I have been on this insurance since last July. Now I am on the COBRA plan and let me tell you, it has come back to bite me time and time again. I started calling them at the end of May wondering when I was going to get paperwork to start the COBRA. "Oh no" they said, "you still have insurance, we are not going to send you any paper work because you have insurance."

Well I had insurance until the middle of June. I kept calling every week asking what was going on. Same answer, you have insurance. Then the middle of June they got nasty. "Well", the guy huffed, "you don't have coverage." No shit, Sherlock, that's what I have been trying to tell you. What do I do now? "Well you have to get COBRA" came the rocket scientist's answer. Really???? I had no clue.

When do I get the paperwork? "Oh well we have to get our paper work together. You should have it by Friday." I still have not received it. This conversation happened in the middle of June.

In the meantime, I called the insurance broker to see what she could do to help me. Thank god for her because Pacific Care still doesn't understand my brand of English, apparently. I asked if they could fax the paper work to me and then I would fax it back. A credit card payment was necessary for the payment. I get the insurance broker to fax it to me after the losers at Pacific Care tell me I am not eligible for COBRA. The broker fixes it with my last job, faxes me the form, I fill it out, fax it back and then....nothing. I ask the broker to call them and guess what? LOSERS cannot find my form. Luckily we had planned on that happening so she had a copy of my form and she faxes it to them, again.

By this point, I am breaking my meds in half, trying to make them last until I have insurance. The broker keeps following up with the rocket scientists at Pacific Care and finally, finally I get insurance, in July. This process took two months to complete.

Now I need to make my August payment. I look on my bill to fill in the credit card information and guess what? There is nothing on the form to pay with a credit card. The last payment had to be by credit card, now they won't take it. I hate dealing with these people.

So, stupid me, I call thinking they can help me make this payment by credit card. Oh noooo, I get a stupid man on the phone who can't answer my questions. "Can I talk to someone who can answer my question." Uh, uh, uh hold on please. Then silence. By now I am crushing the phone.

So I decided to just get even and put the whole little sordid story here and hope I save someone the nightmare of dealing with Pacific Care. The end.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

More Cuba

The Miami Herald continues to have the most in depth coverage of the changes in Cuba. I found this article very interesting because some of the experts have said to pay attention to troop movement, particularly on the east part of the island. So here are people on the eastern part saying they have been visited by the police and there is military presence. Additionally, Raul Castro has not been seen in the 48 hours since he was handed power. And of course, Fidel typed out his statement that his health was good on a computer from his hospital bed. Right.

Summertime and no job

This is not another attempt to climb back up on the cross. It just occurred to me that I could do my own little lists of the pros and cons of this summer without a job.

  1. I can sleep late.
  2. I can stay up late.
  3. No meetings unless I want to go.
  4. I get to drive my nephew around.
  5. I get to help my mom whenever she needs help.
  6. Soccer is totally accessible. I can go to everything.
  7. Santa Cruz is 30 minutes away so I can go whenever I want.
  8. I use waaaaaaaay less gas.
  9. BBQ any night I want.
  10. Waaaay less stress. My shoulders are no longer around my ears.
  11. Getting to walk the dogs all the time.
  12. Getting to spend way more time at home with all the family members.
  13. The crankiness factor has disappeared.
  14. It is not hot anymore so I don't have to sit in front of the a/c right now.
  15. Getting to spend time with other members of the family.
  16. Blogging every day, or rather every night.
  17. No longer having to go to bed at 9 at night.
  18. Getting to know Andres Duque better. Check out his blog, it is on my blog list.
  19. Having time to figure out what I want to do on my next job.
  20. Reconnecting with Tom Graves. His blog, Leftist Twaddle, is on my blog list, too.
  21. More time for myself.
  22. Getting a library card because I cannot throw money around like I used to for books.
  23. Getting to watch the whole World Cup tournament.
  24. Having a summer off for the first time in 30 years.
  25. Working on Clark Williams campaign.
  1. Waaaay less money.
  2. Not being able to buy books.
  3. Not being able to work with people in a helpful manner.
  4. Not being very focused. Of course, this could go on the first list, too.
  5. Being totally irresponsible sometimes.
  6. Dealing with COBRA insurance and the idiot insurance company.
  7. Feeling bad about myself because I don't have a job.
  8. Feeling bad if I watch TV before 5 PM.
  9. Guilt over sleeping late. I'm a recovering Catholic, what can I say?
  10. Struggling to buy my meds. See #1 and #6.
  11. LOSER!!!
  12. Financial stress.
If I am doing the math correctly, I would see that not having a job can be ok. Well, more than ok. Wooo hoo, party on! Oh wait, there are those bills. Never mind. I'll keep looking.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

What next????

I checked in with one of my Cuban home boys to see what it was like in Miami after the news of Castro's surgery. The Miami Herald was webcasting from the Cafe Versailles, a totally happening place on Calle Ocho, showing all the partying and jubilation from the Cuban community. If there is one thing I know, those Cubans know how to party. My friend reported the Coast Guard was starting to patrol more heavily in anticipation of armadas going both ways to and from the island. This is when the old "wet foot/dry foot" immigration policy will get very interesting. In case you don't know, there is a special immigration policy for Cubans leaving Cuba. If they can get to land, having a "dry foot", they will immediately be eligible to live here. If they get caught offshore with a "wet foot" they will be sent back to Cuba.

My views about Cuba have changed radically over the years after hanging out with my Cuban home boys. I went to go work on the Anita Bryant part 3 campaign a few years back with my friends, Jorge Mursuli and Jorge Diaz. We were the gay Latinos fighting back against the homobigots. I adore these two men and have exchanged many a laugh with them. But they are also two of the smartest guys and they have educated me about their community and the realities of having parents who will never see their Cuban home again. Jorge Diaz' father died a few years ago and he talked about it today that his father never got to go home. Also, Fidel locked his father up in prison for years so there are some serious hard feelings.

OK why am I talking about Cuba and the Cubans in Miami? I have spent a fair amount of time there, love my friends there and am intrigued with the idea that Fidel may be dead now. What happens next? There are a lot more smarter people than I are publishing articles but definitely check out the Miami papers to see that perspective. Just remember that Cuba is only 90 miles away from the Key West. It wouldn't be the first time boat loads of people ended up here quickly and wouldn't that change the immigration debate in a hurry?
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