Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Another day

Yes indeedy it is political season. Today the Governator signed a bill today which bans lgbt discrimination in all state funded programs. The right wingers went nuts again. Waaah, too bad. Three other lgbt bills were passed along in the legislative process, also. The right wingers went more nuts. I can't stand going to the Freepers site so, just trust me, they are declaring the end of civilization as we know it. If you must see their drivel, go see Ms Pam at her House Blend page. I always feel like I need a cleansing ceremony after reading that shit.

In the SJ Mercury today there was an interesting article about the Governor's race. The issue for us voting types in the Golden State is how the Governator is, again, recasting himself in a different role. He is tacking hard to the middle, as I have said before, and the issue for the Dems and Angelides is how to get back traditional Democratic issues. Ahnold has said he will sign an increase to the minimum wage, usually our issue. He is signing lgbt bills, for sure a Dem issue. The Democratic legislature has now passed bills providing universal health care and license for undocumented people in California. One of those bills alone would mark out radically different paths for each party. Ahnold has already vetoed the driver's license bill before. I have no idea what will happen to the health care bill.

Every year the season starts earilier and earlier. Just like the Christmas ornaments on sale at the local Long's now. Being the Christmas freak that I am, I stop and look, see if there is anything interesting. And now I am doing the same thing with political news, stopping to look around see fi there is anything interesting. Lots of bursts of activity but I still get the sense that most folks are trying to squeeze every last bit of the summer out of this week. If I was working, I am sure I would be doing the same thing. except the parents who have sent their kids back to school and are taking a collective sigh right about now.

Of course all of this is child's play compared to the politics in my former state of confusion, New Mexico. Two state treasurers have been indicted by grand juries for taking and soliciting bribes. The current candidate for state auditor has been accused of sex crimes. The Governor is running for re-election at the same time he is running for President. The first Congressional district could tip the balance in the House. Now this doesn't even account for local races and scandals liek the state legislator whose husband, the judge, let a friend out of jail after he was arrested for drunk driving. Well the Governor seems to have ejected the state auditor candidate today.

Can't think of much else to talk about tonight. I have to squeeze in more reading for my summer vacation.


Kathy said...

Good grief -- politics in New Mexico sounds a lot like politics in Alabama.

I hope Ahnold is showing his true colors rather than just posturing for the voters. Wouldn't it be nice? Anyway, congrats on the nondiscrimination bill. That's good news.

Jo said...

You know Kathy it is really hard to know what the governor's true colors are... after all he is an actor... and in the end it all comes down to $$$$$$. Who has it and who are they giving it to. Cynical but true.

miss wild thing said...

The states with less of a spotlight have ways of evolving in the same ways like NM and AL. There have been Dem meetings in people's cars to pass resolutions and elect people. So I am sure there is a lot of the same bad behavior.

Congratulations, again and again on the great win and your exemplary role in getting the word out to us all.

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