Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What? I'm boring?

I started another post earlier and bored myself to tears. It's all about me, what the fuck I did today, how magnificent my yard looks and how I can count to 20 in Russian. Whoohoo! As Rumsfeld would say, my goodness, BORING!

So today, Weds August 16th, I didn't get a call for an interview. I didn't sleep in but I did take a nap. I did do shit around the house and I did continue to read "Fiasco." Still boring.

I wish I was feeling witty and gay instead of just gay. Sometimes when I am around gay men for a while, I drop out of the funny competition because I can't keep up.

Just like in soccer when those little, skinny bitches run by me, I want to throw myself on the ground and just say, "Wait til you get to be my age, just wait!" Those hot flashes and night sweats are the stuff of nightmares, I tell you. And the mood swings, ugh. What mood swings, I just feel different from one moment to the next. Oh yes, mylittle pretty they will come to haunt your relationship too. Trust me on this one. Ok don't trust me, I don't care, but you'll see. I need to stop rubbing my hands together when I think these thoughts. It's really not pretty.

The idiot in chief continues to be the idiot in chief. Nothing has changed exept he looks even more stupid in safety glasses. Thanks to Shakes Sis for this contribution to our collective stupidity.

Ok here's another mental pause thought. Oh wait, I forgot. What was that word again?

I've had it, no more jocularity for me. Maybe tomorrow I won't be so boring. Or menopausal. Wait, what was I thinking?

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