Tuesday, August 15, 2006

And the beat goes on...

Well so many people on my side of the blogospere are lit up about another idiot Republican, this time Senator George Allen, who used a racial slur popular on white supremacist sites to describe an Indian American man yesterday. Of course there is now a ton of research on the word he used, the roots of it and the fact that Allen's mother is a French citizen and guess where the word originated? You betcha, in the land of fries and brie. I bet Zidane has been called that a time or two on the soccer field.

Ok so for my nice liberal friends who are outraged I have one thing to say. DUH! The man belongs to the most elite men's club in the world what do you expect??? He represents Virginia, was at an all white gathering and he had a chance to let his folks there know he is one of them. They were just missing a few white sheets, is all.

And then you expected a real apology? Please. I could have told you what he was going to say. But then that requires folks to talk to people of color and get our hit on it. Do I see that on the blogs, nope. All white, all the time.

That's why I keep pounding on the keys here. Not only is it good for me to write every day (that journalism degree has to count for something) but my viewpoint, this Latina lesbiana view point is out there.

I have an idea that this blog is read by some folks and I am hoping folks will start posting a little more so there can be more conversation. Until then, I'll keep speaking up and reminding the universe that there are other opinions, other experiences and other lives. At least there is a little window open here to move the air around and see if we can get some fresh air. We'll all think more clearly.


Virginia said...

Ms. Wild Thang-

First, many congrats for your anniversary. And thanks for blogging your outrage and comments about many things. Allen is one of about 20 or so complete right-wing whack-jobs that are in the Senate. Their goal is to establish a theocracy, so their interpretation of the Bible can become law. This will usher in another inquisition, which they can rejoice about as they either imprison or reduce us to second class citizenry.
Oh, for a change in 6 Senate seats this Fall!!!!!

Jeremy said...

I think webb has played this one out- and needs to start talking about policies....

Allen is racist, big news there. Some people will be turned, off- some will applaud him.

It will be interesting to see if it affects allen's polling at all.

miss wild thing said...

I don;t think it has played out yet because the MSM is just now starting to catch on to the origins of the word macaca.

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