Sunday, September 30, 2007


I am one of the few people in the country who can say on my resume that passed trans inclusive hate crimes and ENDA bills in my former home state. My former Governor, Bill Richardson, signed those bills. So I wanted to add my centavos to this discussion.

I don't want more rights than my sister Virginia Stephenson in New Mexico. She and I were two of the three lobbyists in New Mexico who got these bills passed. The entire process was stunning for the incredible amount of selfish dialogue the supposed progressive LGBT "community" engaged in during that time. I feel like I have dropped into a parallel universe, four years later.

As today, people are claiming ownership of the ENDA bill. One only has to drop in at AMericaBlog to see this. I worked on this 13 years ago...blah blah blah. The waiting period will continue because it is not like, even if both Houses pass this biil, Bush will not sign it. This is like trying to buy a house with monopoly money, it is not real.

So why throw a whole class of our movement away for something that is not going to pass? Some theories have been offered having to do with Pelosi getting an award from HRC. I hope to god parts of our community are not disposable for an award. I have been in Pelosi's office in San Francisco, it's not like she is needing more hardware to hang on the wall.

BTW, Pride at Work has is going to stage a picket line at the HRC dinner so if you want to do something to show your outrage, here is something. Look for more co-sponsors this week for the picket line.

At any rate I want to make a few more points. We now see in all its nakedness the lack of clothing on some supposed progressives. Don't ever holler about discrimination against homos when you treat someone the same way you have been treated. And really don't holler about it when you cash that check from HRC so there is never any criticism about HRC at your blog, Mr America. That is dishonest journalism. Oh wait, it is not journalism, it is, well you all know what it is.

A few weeks ago I had dinner with Virginia when she was visiting in San Francisco. She told me she will always remember how I stood soiid and strong for the transgender community during that struggle. I was screamed at, I was punished, I was isolated. But we won. Today I can look Virginia in the eye as my sister and friend and know I did the right thing.

I wish our supposed leaders would do the same.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

forget it

My house is about to be invaded by the staff from Pride at Work, the national LGBT labor organization that never gets any respect from the other national orgs. They are all meeting in San Francisco this weekend so the staff is staying here at our casita in San Jose.

That means, I think, that I will never remember my brilliant thought about the Democratic primary. Oh well, at least I didn't forget to fix Walter Reed Hospital or New Orleans. I will leave that to the dumb ass in chief. I have an excuse. I have mental pause.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A few random thoughts

I have been reading some lists and emails lately complaining about the proposed coronation of Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee.. I just thought I would point out some things that seem obvious to me.

First, not one damn vote has been cast yet. A few years back, I had a conversation or two with some Deaniacs. They were convinced then that the good doctor would be the next nominee. Again, no ballots had been cast. We know the end of that story. Many things could happen before the primary votes are cast in Iowa and New Hampshire next year. I realize it will be all over after Super Duper Tuesday in February so we are not that far off. But, hey, not everyone is paying attention to the debates let alone the campaigns except the political junkies like myself and friends.

Second, oh, damnit, I forgot. Anyway, no votes, only polls don't mean anything is over or even begun. Alright, alright the campaigning has begun. I could go see Hillary on Sunday up in Oakland but I think I will go play hockey instead.

I went back to my favorite volunteer work today. I am a coach for an after school sports program for children in wheel chairs. I wiped saliva off chins, translated requests for water from children with serious disabilities and loved every single minute of it. As I looked at their faces, I wondered what the next president could and would do for these children? Who will stand up for them and make the country better for them?

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Home again

Today was my mom's 75th birthday. I managed to get almost the whole family together in one place plus the former neighbor for dinner tonight. We had a lovely evening, good food, great conversations a lot of laughs. What a different world I grew up in where we didn't lock the doors. My mom and Phyllis, the neighbor, would have coffee out on the sidewalk in their bathrobes. The sidewalk and street was just and extension of our houses. We were safe to run the streets, safe in each other's houses, free to walk to school by our selves, running in and out of each other's houses all the time.

Today it was nice to melt back into that comfort and safety. It was also nice to enjoy the fact that we are alive and near each other to be able to do this type of thing. I am so glad I came back home.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Most corrupt

H/t to my buddy Kathy over at Birmingham Blues for the list of the 20 most corrupt members of Congress produced by the fabulous folks over at CREW. As a former New Mexican, I couldn't be prouder that every single Republican federal legislator is on that list. Whoohoo, chiles all around. That is some accomplishment!

The list:

The 22 Most Corrupt Members of Congress are:
The two to watch are:


Time flies. A mere 21 years ago I woke up and decided to try that crazy 12 step proposition of one day at a time. So I didn't drink or smoke any dope that day or the next. Today it has been 7665 days, 21 years without drugs or alcohol.

Today is very much a day of Thanksgiving for me. Plenty of items on my gratitude list. The lovely wife, the house, the animals, waking up every day without a hangover. And while there have been many sorrows along the way, I still wouldn't change a day because of the lessons in the low parts.

So I will enjoy the day, share my happiness with all who cross my path today and thank my Higher Power for the joys of a live well lived.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


I almost forgot to pimp myself. From today's Chronicle, thanks, as always, to Ms marinucci.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Last Monday I sat in front HP Pavilion to get another Shark autograph. This time it was Craig Rivet. I have a new friend from these little escapades and we sit in line together. I go with her inside to the Sharks store so we can get my discount and then we talk the whole time we are there. We chat up all the other people in line. Certainly makes me like the Sharks community even more.

One of the guys in line is going to school over in Livermore. He came down to visit his girlfriend and get an autograph. Turns out he is also a Marine in the reserves. I, of course, asked about any time spent in Iraq. He has already been over there twice and is looking at another stint.

Monday was also the day Petraeus gave his first report so it was interesting to talk to a vet that day. He didn't think we should be in Iraq. I wished him well and told him I hoped he never had to go back. None of them should go back and all the rest need to come home. Tomorrow.

Chris Flowers

I went to high school with Chris Flowers. I just read his obit this morning. He died of AIDS.

I am so sorry I didn't get the chance to reconnect with him since I got back. I knew he had been living with AIDS for a long time. At one point I had heard he was living around the corner from me but I never found him.

In high school I remember him from the school musicals and choir. He had a lovely tenor voice and was just so gay in those musicals. Of course I had no idea he was so gay. But he was always true to himself and I was glad to have known him if only for a little while when we were young.

As Terry O pointed out today to me, AIDS is certainly not over. Not by a long shot. Rest in peace my brother.

Monday, September 10, 2007


How many times have you thought or said, "I wish I was in high school again"? That phrase seems to roll off my tongue way too frequently with the addendum "if I know what I know now."

I went to my nephew's football game last Friday and I now retract that statement and thought. Eeeeew, high school is icky and so are high school students. They are so loud and self obsessed. I thought I was at a political convention. EWWWW.

If it wasn't for wanting to support the nephew I would stay at home, in the quiet of my casita and read the New Yorker. I am officially old.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Another good one

Hmm, let's see, Sharks start practices next week. The first pre-season game is the following week and I spent most of today trying to get to this moment.

Got the autographs, got a minute of face time with Pat Marleau whoohoo.

The Dem club meeting was fabulous because my candidate got the sole endorsement for his run for Cupertino City Council. I am helping Gilbert Wong in his campaign since I have so much free time. At least I am well liked and treated well in this environment as opposed to the last place.

Go Sharks and go Glo!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Yes apparently this lack of a job messes with my ability to read a calender. Last week I went to unemployment a day too early. Today I went to an event at the Shark Tank that is scheduled for tomorrow.

Plus it wasn't just an event, Sharks Captain Patrick Marleau is signing autographs.. So I went over there with a briefcase full of autograph and reading material. I had a camp chair slung over my shoulder ready to park myself for the duration so I could get an all kinds of stuff autographed. I figured I could knock off some Christmas presents.

The women at the Sharks store were very nice but I was obviously their knucklehead of the day. Plus I forgot my wallet so I couldn't even buy something while I was there. Next thing you know I will forget...never mind I can't remember.

Sunday, September 02, 2007


Today I realized people live in the south where it is hot all the time. I cannot understand why. We have had, I think 4 days in a row with 90+ temps and I think I have just turned the corner to become homicidal.

Yesterday I went to my nephew's football game and by the time we were headed for the car and I was thinking about slamming into the next person who pissed me off for breathing the wrong way. That would be slamming with my car. The first target would be the football coach. What an asshole.I won;t bore you with his lack of skills that are on full display with his team. The score was 13-0 before we sat down 8 minutes into the first period. It did not get better.

Thank gawd I am going to the ice rink tomorrow for a break. If not, please, everyone in the south bay area get the hell away from this hot, menopausal woman if you want to see Tuesday.
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