Monday, September 10, 2007


How many times have you thought or said, "I wish I was in high school again"? That phrase seems to roll off my tongue way too frequently with the addendum "if I know what I know now."

I went to my nephew's football game last Friday and I now retract that statement and thought. Eeeeew, high school is icky and so are high school students. They are so loud and self obsessed. I thought I was at a political convention. EWWWW.

If it wasn't for wanting to support the nephew I would stay at home, in the quiet of my casita and read the New Yorker. I am officially old.

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konagod said...

I'd settle for being in college again so I could have a REAL career. But honestly, if I could just have one wish, it would only roll me back about 3 years. I'd be a happier man today and creditors wouldn't be calling me 8 times a day. Starting my own business definitely was not worth the effort.

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