Sunday, September 02, 2007


Today I realized people live in the south where it is hot all the time. I cannot understand why. We have had, I think 4 days in a row with 90+ temps and I think I have just turned the corner to become homicidal.

Yesterday I went to my nephew's football game and by the time we were headed for the car and I was thinking about slamming into the next person who pissed me off for breathing the wrong way. That would be slamming with my car. The first target would be the football coach. What an asshole.I won;t bore you with his lack of skills that are on full display with his team. The score was 13-0 before we sat down 8 minutes into the first period. It did not get better.

Thank gawd I am going to the ice rink tomorrow for a break. If not, please, everyone in the south bay area get the hell away from this hot, menopausal woman if you want to see Tuesday.

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