Friday, February 06, 2009

Martin Lyon Leadership Institute

Tomorrow is the launch of the new project I am working on, the Martin Lyon Leadership Institute (MLLI). This came to me after the disaster known as the Prop 8 election when I saw how little our community knew about campaigns. We were reduced to nameless, faceless amoeba with no stories, no families and no way to tell anyone about ourselves. Since I have had more than a little experience with campaigns and considering the shitty way myself and a lot of others were treated by the campaign, I decided to do something about it.

So MLLI was born. It has been painful so far. Many people have expressed support and think it is a great idea. Once a month I will be having speakers come talk about the history of the movement. Tomorrow Jo and I are going to pick up Phyllis Lyon and bring her to San Jose so she can chat for a group of people. I am going to ask questions and people in the audience can ask questions too.

Next week I am doing two workshops, one in Santa Cruz and one in San Jose on how to lobby. this will be just in time for Marriage Equality Day in Sacramento. We will be putting new skills to use right away. Then I will see where this leads. Community driven, hopefully community supported. We'll see.
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