Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A few random thoughts

I have been reading some lists and emails lately complaining about the proposed coronation of Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee.. I just thought I would point out some things that seem obvious to me.

First, not one damn vote has been cast yet. A few years back, I had a conversation or two with some Deaniacs. They were convinced then that the good doctor would be the next nominee. Again, no ballots had been cast. We know the end of that story. Many things could happen before the primary votes are cast in Iowa and New Hampshire next year. I realize it will be all over after Super Duper Tuesday in February so we are not that far off. But, hey, not everyone is paying attention to the debates let alone the campaigns except the political junkies like myself and friends.

Second, oh, damnit, I forgot. Anyway, no votes, only polls don't mean anything is over or even begun. Alright, alright the campaigning has begun. I could go see Hillary on Sunday up in Oakland but I think I will go play hockey instead.

I went back to my favorite volunteer work today. I am a coach for an after school sports program for children in wheel chairs. I wiped saliva off chins, translated requests for water from children with serious disabilities and loved every single minute of it. As I looked at their faces, I wondered what the next president could and would do for these children? Who will stand up for them and make the country better for them?

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Thanks for writing this.

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