Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Last Monday I sat in front HP Pavilion to get another Shark autograph. This time it was Craig Rivet. I have a new friend from these little escapades and we sit in line together. I go with her inside to the Sharks store so we can get my discount and then we talk the whole time we are there. We chat up all the other people in line. Certainly makes me like the Sharks community even more.

One of the guys in line is going to school over in Livermore. He came down to visit his girlfriend and get an autograph. Turns out he is also a Marine in the reserves. I, of course, asked about any time spent in Iraq. He has already been over there twice and is looking at another stint.

Monday was also the day Petraeus gave his first report so it was interesting to talk to a vet that day. He didn't think we should be in Iraq. I wished him well and told him I hoped he never had to go back. None of them should go back and all the rest need to come home. Tomorrow.

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