Sunday, September 30, 2007


I am one of the few people in the country who can say on my resume that passed trans inclusive hate crimes and ENDA bills in my former home state. My former Governor, Bill Richardson, signed those bills. So I wanted to add my centavos to this discussion.

I don't want more rights than my sister Virginia Stephenson in New Mexico. She and I were two of the three lobbyists in New Mexico who got these bills passed. The entire process was stunning for the incredible amount of selfish dialogue the supposed progressive LGBT "community" engaged in during that time. I feel like I have dropped into a parallel universe, four years later.

As today, people are claiming ownership of the ENDA bill. One only has to drop in at AMericaBlog to see this. I worked on this 13 years ago...blah blah blah. The waiting period will continue because it is not like, even if both Houses pass this biil, Bush will not sign it. This is like trying to buy a house with monopoly money, it is not real.

So why throw a whole class of our movement away for something that is not going to pass? Some theories have been offered having to do with Pelosi getting an award from HRC. I hope to god parts of our community are not disposable for an award. I have been in Pelosi's office in San Francisco, it's not like she is needing more hardware to hang on the wall.

BTW, Pride at Work has is going to stage a picket line at the HRC dinner so if you want to do something to show your outrage, here is something. Look for more co-sponsors this week for the picket line.

At any rate I want to make a few more points. We now see in all its nakedness the lack of clothing on some supposed progressives. Don't ever holler about discrimination against homos when you treat someone the same way you have been treated. And really don't holler about it when you cash that check from HRC so there is never any criticism about HRC at your blog, Mr America. That is dishonest journalism. Oh wait, it is not journalism, it is, well you all know what it is.

A few weeks ago I had dinner with Virginia when she was visiting in San Francisco. She told me she will always remember how I stood soiid and strong for the transgender community during that struggle. I was screamed at, I was punished, I was isolated. But we won. Today I can look Virginia in the eye as my sister and friend and know I did the right thing.

I wish our supposed leaders would do the same.


Clark said...

When this issue first arose, I was worried that the entire debate could split the LGBT community. In fact, I have rarely seen more agreement on an issue since the community gathered to watch Ellen come out on national television.

So, clearly a few LGBT leaders made a big mistake in thinking that the LGB community wasn't 100% supportive of our transgender brothers and sisters. HRC has shot themselves in the foot but it's not the first time and it won't be the last. The good news is that I don't think this is a fatal injury for our leading LGBT advocacy organization. Let's hope some lessons are learned (i.e. time for some new faces in our LGBT advocacy organizations.)

I do hope (and expect) that our transgender allies will continue to partner with all gays and lesbians in defeating the real threat to the inclusion of gender identity in ENDA - George Bush and the GOP.

miss wild thing said...

Amen brother. I vote for Tammy Baldwin to lead the party now.

Clark said...

Virginia said...

My dear Sis...Gloria-

What got me was Joe Solmonese bringing Susan Stanton (the trans- City Manager from Florida who was fired) to the LGBT debate and saying HER rights were violated and he sees fit to jettison her at the first opportunity.
Yes, folks, I was there in NM in 2002-03 when we had discussions on trans inclusion. The discussions were painful but enlightening. Jo Kenney and Gloria Nieto stood consistently strong for ALL to be included.
You will always be my heroes and my friends.
Virginia Stephenson

miss wild thing said...

And I will never leave you behind, my sister.

BTW, I am about 5 foot and Virginia is well over 6 foot. Seeing us walk together through the halls of the NM legislature was a Kodak moment.

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