Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Mr Toad's Wild Ride

The blogoshpere is lit up tonight over Joe Lieberman's loss in Connecticut. I am not going to pile on here because I 1. don't have anything new and witty to say and 2. don't have anything new and witty to say.

Today, thankfully, I give a shit about the world. There is a lot of activity going on all over the place, like the Fed is not raising rates. That's good news for us lesbians with equity. Still no sightings of Fidel or Raul Castro.

My friend, Carla Marinucci. from the SF Chronicle posts this little tidbit from SoCal. Seems the jewish community's best friend, Mel Gibson, signed a support letter for Repug candidate for Light Guv of California, Tom McClintock. I bet his campaign wishes they had that one back.

Considering this is August I am surprised there have been so many political flurries. Usually this is vacation time in the world of politics. Already ads are up on tv for the fall races, some people are paying attention to what is happening in campaigns, there is more political gossip than usual at this time of the year. Ah politics, a year round addiction.

But I must add that most people are not paying attention. It is summer time still, kids are not in school yet, there is still time to schedule and/or take vacations. Most civilized people do not want to pay attention let alone have an opinion about who they are voting for in November. That is where the bulk of the votes are, with normal people whose lifeblood is not in politics. That's not me, I guess. There I've said it, that is the first step, recognizing the addiction. But I am not ready for the 12 step program yet. I still have Clark Williams' campaign, there is the Governator's race, there is a good chance we can take one, if not both houses of Congress back.

So I am just buckling up for another shot at Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, otherwise known as the world of politics. Whoohoo, yeah baby, here we go!

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