Monday, August 28, 2006

It's on

Labor Day is the traditional start of political season for November elections. That would be this coming weekend, I believe. But for those of us who are political junkies, there is no off season.

This afternoon I was handwriting envelopes for my friend, Evan Low, who is running for Campbell, Ca city council. What a great guy! Of course, inspired by Ms KD Lang, I got into the hand addressing zone and whipped out a bunch.

Clark Williams is out walking precincts, talking to voters. He is in a very contested race and could use support and help for this race. Anyone interested? Money? Time? Help get two great openly gay candidates elected in the Santa Clara Valley.

The battle is on with the Governator trying to retain his ranking in California government as the top dawg. Democratic opponent Phil Angelides will be offering bare knuckle competition for this race. As always, I am pulling for the Dem, Angelides. This could make wrestling look like a sand box fight. Of course, many political battles are sand box fights. Only now they are VERY expensive sand boxes.

We got lucky here in California and the homobigots couldn't get their shit together to get an anti-gay amendment on the November ballot this year. We are sure they will be back in '08 but we have two years to do some high level education in our various communities, especially minority communities, about our relationships, lives and families. I will be working with the Brazilian spitfire, Marta Donayre, to organize a Latino forum on marriage in San Jose. Calling all Latino allies, now is the time to step up!

Now let us not forget the big prize, winning back the House and Senate. Many things are changing daily, including Senator Macaca's loss of a double digit lead for the Senate seat in Virginia. That would be incumbent George Allen who was nothing short of a disaster for himself the last two weeks. Whheee, the feet are flying into mouths. Open up that door Mr Gorbachov, I mean Dr. Frist, let freedom in.

I hope we see the Democratic wave being talked about by pollsters, pundits and paranoid Republicans. I was devastated the night in 1994 when we got our butts handed to us.

On top of it, there was a bigger trouncing going in California with the passage of Prop 187, denying rights to undocumented people. Those people are me, that's my family. Yup, all 22 million of us. Don't like us here? Clean your own damn house, take care of your own kids, mow your own lawn and clean up you own dishes at your favorite restaurant.

Yup, the political season is on.

One more thing, I see pumpkins! Halloween is right around the corner!

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