Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Oh toooo bad

Can I just say what a big butt hole Joe Lieberman is? Yes, the alleged man of faith is a big ass, proving it all day today on talk shows. Waah, wah, waaaah, I didn't win, it's all someone else's fault. And by the way, staff, you're all fired. The blogoshpere has it that his staff was going to quit anyway if he ran as an independent which is what he is going to do. He filed papers today to run as an independent Democrat.

In a Reuters
article today this is how the big baby is characterizing this race. "But Lieberman said he was anxious to renew the debate, calling Lamont an example of the polarizing forces that voters were tired of in Washington." If that was the case why did Lieberman lose? If the Connecticut voters wanted a bipartisan ass kisser in DC, why did he lose?

Wait, wait, I know the answer!! Call on me, call on me!

The answer is - because Lieberman doesn't really believe in bipartisanship. He believes in his right to occupy a seat on the US Senate floor and thus will do anything he needs to keep his ass in that seat. That includes putting his cheek next to Bush's and scolding Dems for speaking out against everything wrong with this administration. Blaccchhh. Disgusting.

Actually not only is he disgusting but he is immoral. Don't give us a freakin' lecture about what is wrong with DC if you have been there this entire time and your contribution has been to bitch at us not in power. And vote for this immoral war. That whole line of reasoning about this being the blogs' fault, you know what? Bite me. Free speech, good organizing, standing up to Bush, that is what the majority of the country wants, not some whiny ass man who lost his morality on the way to the Senate floor. Go home.

You make me sick. Just proves he never was a Democrat, just an embarrassment.

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