Thursday, August 03, 2006

I hate Pacific Care

For those of you in northern California, here's a warning. Do not sign up for Pacific Care insurance if you have a choice. This is a real tale of woe and they have pissed me off again and again and again with their incompetence.

I have been on this insurance since last July. Now I am on the COBRA plan and let me tell you, it has come back to bite me time and time again. I started calling them at the end of May wondering when I was going to get paperwork to start the COBRA. "Oh no" they said, "you still have insurance, we are not going to send you any paper work because you have insurance."

Well I had insurance until the middle of June. I kept calling every week asking what was going on. Same answer, you have insurance. Then the middle of June they got nasty. "Well", the guy huffed, "you don't have coverage." No shit, Sherlock, that's what I have been trying to tell you. What do I do now? "Well you have to get COBRA" came the rocket scientist's answer. Really???? I had no clue.

When do I get the paperwork? "Oh well we have to get our paper work together. You should have it by Friday." I still have not received it. This conversation happened in the middle of June.

In the meantime, I called the insurance broker to see what she could do to help me. Thank god for her because Pacific Care still doesn't understand my brand of English, apparently. I asked if they could fax the paper work to me and then I would fax it back. A credit card payment was necessary for the payment. I get the insurance broker to fax it to me after the losers at Pacific Care tell me I am not eligible for COBRA. The broker fixes it with my last job, faxes me the form, I fill it out, fax it back and then....nothing. I ask the broker to call them and guess what? LOSERS cannot find my form. Luckily we had planned on that happening so she had a copy of my form and she faxes it to them, again.

By this point, I am breaking my meds in half, trying to make them last until I have insurance. The broker keeps following up with the rocket scientists at Pacific Care and finally, finally I get insurance, in July. This process took two months to complete.

Now I need to make my August payment. I look on my bill to fill in the credit card information and guess what? There is nothing on the form to pay with a credit card. The last payment had to be by credit card, now they won't take it. I hate dealing with these people.

So, stupid me, I call thinking they can help me make this payment by credit card. Oh noooo, I get a stupid man on the phone who can't answer my questions. "Can I talk to someone who can answer my question." Uh, uh, uh hold on please. Then silence. By now I am crushing the phone.

So I decided to just get even and put the whole little sordid story here and hope I save someone the nightmare of dealing with Pacific Care. The end.


Anonymous said...

I fully agree with your comments - they are horribly expensive, have high deductibles and then don't pay for anything - and here in southern Texas very few doctors or clinics take the insurance and when you have a heart condition and other sundry things wrong it can devastate you financially.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with the comments posted above. We have had coverage through several insurance companies as a family, in the past, through different employers. This is by far the worst company, we've encountered in terms of coverage, service and information. Any calls to them are handled by very incompetent staff, who basically read a script and are not interested in taking the time to research anything that might be "off script". As an example, their policy for any type of physical therapy is that if you go to an out of network provider, you are covered only for 30 consecutive days!!! Who in the world is prescribed 30 consecutive days of physcial therapy? The alternative is to go the the poorest selections of "in-network" providers. This just starts to scratch the surface of this very poor example of an insurance company.

Very frustrated........

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