Thursday, August 03, 2006

This and that, v. 2.0

It's a good day when Hillary bitch slaps Rumsfeld in Senate hearings. And his response??? "My goodness." Eeeehehehehehe. Finally, someone with some ovaries in public! Asking the right questions for a change what a concept. And poor widdle Donald had to be saved from the line of questioning by Senator Warner, he who promised to get to the bottom of the Abu Ghraib fiasco. Apparently Warener is lacking a set.

I loved this one, too from the Chron. A woman in New Hampshire baked cookies on the dash of her car on Wednesday. Now that is damn hot!

While I am gleeful tonight, let's also celebrate the demise of the Congressional attempt to give a tax break by dropping the estate tax for a whopping 7200 people in the country. Bastards had the huevos to attach this larceny to the minimum wage legislation. Yeah that's a fair deal, let's rip off working people by attaching this piece of shit to it and see if anyone notices that it is stinky in here.

And if you need any more evidence that the world as we know it is ending, here it is...Homos in the Castro are seriously discussing not having a big bash for Halloween. Can you imagine, the queer holiday not celebrated in the Castro? There are legitimate safety concerns and I think it is very grown up for people to actually be talking about it and not just throwing hissy fits or threatening each other.

Meanwhile there is stil no sign of either Castro brother in Cuba. Speculation is that Raul is planning Fidel's funeral. Or has drank himself into oblivion.

Speaking of dictatorships, the courts refused to take Tom DeLay's name off the ballot in Texas. Oops, too bad, someone living in Virginia can't run for Congress in Texas. Oh wait, now he has to run and he becomes the poster boy for GOP corruption. Convicted people are good poster children for corruption.

On final note, I am going to high school reunions starting tomorrow night. Wish me well.

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