Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Otra vez

After reading this post on from Josh Marshall, I finally realized why I was so mad at Lieberman.

This captured it perfectly for me.
His continual embrace of President Bush — both literal and figurative — was an insult to Democrats, the great majority of whom believe Bush has governed as one of the most destructive Presidents in modern American history.
In my former life as a member of the Democratic National Committee, I was invited to a number of receptions at the DNC meetings. OK, it wasn't just me but all the DNC members. I wasn't that special. Anyway, when big baby Lieberman was running for President, he was hosting a reception at the DNC meeting. I got a very fancy schmancy invite to go to his reception as a member of the gay and lesbian caucus. The way the invite was phrased was so that it appeared that he was throwing this reception so he could meet with the gay and lesbian caucus exclusively. Well that turned out to be a big fat lie.

When I was approached by somebody from his staff I told her it was insulting for him to send out such deceptive invites. In fact the reception was for every single affinity group at the DNC. Pretty much the only people NOT invited were the straight white people. It was a classic bait and switch operation. Insulting, disrespectful and deceitful.

No wonder he still pisses me off. He hasn't changed his behavior one bit.

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