Thursday, August 17, 2006


How many times can I dance around the living room celebrating the judge who put a stop to the warrantless eavesdropping by this fascist government? OK, I 'll go once around the room one more time - whoohoo, yeah baby, up yours Gonzales you pitiful excuse for a Mexican. And who, Mr. Gonzalez are you representing? Certainly not the Constitution and the American people. What's that, oh the President is your client? Hmmm, that's not right either. But, hey, thanks for being a good analogy for me to use. Just cus you're brown doesn't mean you know what's right. You are the walking definition of a malcriada. I so look forward to those subpoenas I see in your future.

And this judge, yeah baby, she put the slap on His Chimpiness.

"There are no hereditary kings in America and no powers not created by the Constitution,'' said U.S. District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor in rejecting President Bush's claim that he had the inherent power to authorize the program.
Oh yes, this is not a kingdom. Sing along with me, this is not a kingdom.

And now, with a hat tip to DailyKos, we have this little nugget from James Wolcott in answer to the question - Is Bush an idiot?
Is water wet?

Is Colin Farrell stubbly?

Unlike other two-term presidents, Bush hasn't grown in office, become an old familiar whose irritating traits and lapses could be accepted almost affectionately, like Reagan's dottiness. He's demonstrably diminished, dwarfed by the reality that he continues to deny and repeating himself in press conferences like a robot whose wiring is on the fritz, for whom words and phrases are nothing more than pre-programmed units of sound. He's more irritating and dangerous than ever before, because he doesn't know anything, doesn't know or care that he doesn't know anything, and yet persists in a path of destruction as if it were the road to salvation. It's finally dawned on responsible minds that Bush could take all of us down with him before he and the neocons are through.

Yes, that would be if we live through thise neocon period. But then I thought Castro was dead earlier this month too so what the hell do I know?

But the good news continues to roll in at my house. I have a job interview on Tuesday! That calls for another dance, listen you can hear Madonna... "holidaaay". Hockey season is a few weeks away, go Sharks, this year we get Lord Stanley's Cup. "It would be so nice..."

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