Tuesday, August 22, 2006

DNC v 2.0

So let's see where were we? The DNC has passed new suggestions for how state parties are supposed to include gay and lesbian delegates for the next Presidential convention. So that would be rules without penalties, right? And this is the same DNC that won't stand up for the lesbian candidate, Patricia Todd, in Alabama who won an election fair and square? And the same DNC who will let a big dog in the Alabama Dem party run roughshod over the election results because he doesn't like the results?

So how then does this work for the convention? The DNC can't seem to grasp the basics of an electoral win and support a democratic process do then they will do what for us when the states ignore this suggestion for inclusion? Slap their hands? Give them a good talking to? Oh wait, I know...nothing.

To be clear, this is exactly what many people feared when Dean announced his 50 state strategy and got rid of the gay and lesbian desk. There is no one at the DNC to support Patricia Todd in her efforts! This is what the integration of gay and lesbian support into every state party looks like. A lesbian wins an election, a big money guy in the state party doesn't like the results and not one peep out of the staff in DC. Why????? Cus they want to keep their jobs!

Forget standing up for lgbt people, no more pretenses now. It is now evident that this is about job security and not the principles of the Democratic party. We are now officially second class citizens at the DNC. We have been pimped out. We have been sold out by our own folks who keep acting like this is a good deal. We have gone backwards.

Oh but see the DNC isn't prejudiced when it comes to taking queer money. Our money is good there, just don't expect to be treated equally. In an update in the Blade today, a former DNC spokesperson claimed that we should get rid of identity politics in the Democratic party. So how 'bout you DNC people quit asking specifically for gay and lesbian money and we stop giving it? Is that what you are talking about?

And how come it is all white guys doing all the talking here? Did all the people of color who are queer fall off the political map? Oh wait, wait, what was I thinking - the movement is now controlled by white men, I had a moment of mental pause. I thought I was back in the day when I was on the DNC with Mandy Carter and we were treated respectfully and could get things done.

We are completely shut out of the equality equation. I say no more money, get it from somewhere else. And bite me, you people don't respect anyone anymore, including yourselves.


Kathy said...

Yeah, the silence from the national party has been deafening here in Alabama. Wonder if they'll speak up after Joe Reed takes the election away from Patricia.

miss wild thing said...

Amen sister. Next time they ask for dollars I think we should give them the same response, silence.

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