Thursday, August 24, 2006

Happy Feet!

Oh yeah! You're outta there again! The Christian Coalition was founded by the village idiot at right, Pat Robertson. It created the diving board for choir boy Ralph Reed, left, who just fell to the bottom of the empty pool in Georgia last month. In case you didn't catch that lovely election, Ralph was handed his ass because it turned out he was Jack Abramoff's home boy.

So now, the Medusa creature who heads the current version of the Christian Coalition is causing all those god fearing people to run away in search of some corner of the country that will provide them even more cover for their hatred and ignorance. The Christian Coalition is about a million dollars in debt and losing chapters.

The sound you are hearing now is the dancing at my house. Karma is a wonderful thing to watch.


Danny said...

Ralph Reed has also been sued but is one of two defendants "making it difficult to serve them 'by making themselves unavailable.'"

Sounds like his happy feet are taking him somewhere out of sight.

Doc's Political Parlor

miss wild thing said...

Great, I wonder where he is hiding? Maybe he enlisted and is Iraq since he beleived so strongly in the war. Oh wait, he is on a reservation. Thanks for the tip!

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