Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Going on 20

I have always wanted to have more time to read. Now I have had four months of unemployment and how many books have I read? Less than I wanted to, I am sure. There are always things to do, get more organized around the house, play soccer, help the local homo candidates, Clark Williams and Evan Low, garden, yada, yada, yada. I now have three books I am reading plus the latest Sporting News which is all about hockey.

I am a recent hockey convert. There is not much hockey in New Mexico and because I didn't understand the game or have a local team, what did I care? Now I am all about the San Jose Sharks. I talk to the checkers at my local store about the Sharks and we discuss the current goal tending situation. I checked out Hockey for Dummies at the library this summer. Next Monday I will be celebrating 20 years of sobriety by going to a Sharks practice game with my cousin, Steve. I am sooooo excited to see my boys up close, get some autographs, some pics, life is grand.

I still can't make a connection between hockey and politics but maybe I not supposed to. I can usually spot some sort of analogy but maybe when I get back to the rink, I can get it. Or not. Maybe this is a way to escape the atrocities of the day by watching mayhem at night on the ice. I remember one hit in the Stanley Cup playoffs against Edmonton where our guy took the head off the other guy. I was delirious. What a hit, what a play!!!

Also I noticed that unlike baseball where it easy to get distracted, one must concentrate solely on the puck and the game. I have to watch the plays setting up, see the different strategies at work, learn a new language about penalty kills and power plays, offsides and boarding. I can't talk about it enough. Ah yes, the joys of an addictive personality. I gave up beer and dope for, 20 years later, stick work and slap shots. At least going to hockey I won't end up in jail multiple times like my last forays with drinking and dope.

While watching CSI tonight, there was a dead guy with a blood alcohol count of .26. That's nothing, when I was for my second DUI, my blood was at a whopping .36. That night I had drink, beer, champagne, root beer floats (made with kahlua) and schnapps. Pretty, huh?

So come Monday it will be 20 years since I have had neither drink nor drug, at least for recreational purposes. I have also quit smoking, stopped drinking sodas but can't quit that ice cream during the summer.

I am still learning lessons about family, trust, myself. I have friends who I have known for 40 years, like Carla Marinucci. I get to be around my nieces and nephews, visit with my mom, aunt and uncle, play soccer with my sister and go to the cemetery to visit with the others.

And I get to go to hockey games. AHHHHH, yeah baby, GO SHARKS!

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Go Wings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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