Wednesday, September 06, 2006


So as a recap of the day, let's start with the two guys who gave and got blowjobs in Ekaterinaburg, Russia in public, no less. That would be blowjobs on each other, man on man sex in Russia to the applause of the crowd which watched them. A mixed crowd, not a gay crowd. Check out the pic. Ekaterinaburg used to be famous as the town where the last tsar, Nicholas II and his family were murdered by the Bolsheviks in the 1917 Revolution. Now add public blow jobs to the list for why it is famous. I think vodka had something to do with it.

John Aravosis is ballistic over at Americablog about Disney's 9-11 movie. Seems the mouse types over there are making up shit about 9-11 in their Sunday movie. And on top of it, they gave Rush Limbaugh, known prescrption abuser, an advance copy and won't give Bill Clinton a copy. Apparently they are trying to hang the whole thing on Clinton. I guess they, too, didn't get the memo about Osama wanting to crash airplanes into buildings here. Glenn Greenwald has a site where all our weapons of mouse destruction are housed. Plug in there to express your outrage.

My favorite Virginia Senator is in the macaca house with Virginia voters. Here's the crux of it:
Whether Allen can repair the damage done by his "macaca" comment and whether Webb, short of cash and still largely unintroduced to the electorate, can exploit his opportunity are critical questions.
What happens next? Only macaca knows for sure and he is not talking.

And things keep getting better. Now John A has this up at Americablog, Disney admits they made shit up for this movie. I mean really this has all been done based on the work of the 9/11 commission and they make up shit? I guess the White House two media arms now, Fucked news and now the Mouse with no brain or publicity skills. I also see lawyers slathering at the prospect of these suits brought against this film.

ABC you stepped in macaca up to your eyebrows. Dig yourself out now suckas.

I think Leslie is right, I am out of control on this blog. But damn I'm having fun.

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