Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Deja vu all over again

There are just some days wher I can't muster outrage. Today is one of them.

Although I could muster a good belly laugh hearing the surprise in the Spanish translator's voice when she said that Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez called Bush "the devil." I imagine she didn't expect to hear such a comment from the UN lectern.

Now it is the male side of the roller derby rink as the "all testosterone all the time" brawl starts up in New York. I think the Spike channel should be broadcasting these speeches right after wrestling. All this posturing is about as effective as wrestling.

Also I can't help but notice that this posturing is being done by a number of short guys. I will include Bush on the short list because he is short mentally. So here they are all in NYC calling each other names, calling each other out, having bitch fights that would make drag queens blush. Ah, manhood, oil and weapons, what a combination.

The WaPo noticed that Bush's UN speech was on the spread of democracy yet he didn't do a damn thing for the now former duly elected prime minister of Thailand. No oil, no concern. Plus they pointed out that the President of Pakistan, Bush's best friend, took over in a military coup.

They point out this point which is a major problem for the Bushman:

The coup in Thailand poses the latest challenge to Bush's commitment to "ending tyranny in our world," as he vowed in his second inaugural address. Aides said yesterday that he did not mention the coup in his U.N. speech because they were still gathering information, but they did not explain why he said nothing later in the day as it became clear that the military had ousted Thaksin.

I think we have heard this before. Say one thing do another. No wonder I can't get outraged any more.


Kathy said...

Bush a hypocrite? Say it isn't so!

miss wild thing said...

OK, I'm lying.

Kathy said...

No, he is!

miss wild thing said...

Alright, he's the liar and I'm not.

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