Monday, September 18, 2006


Ms Marinucci has a blog post today on the rally for the charismatically challenged today in LA. Speakers of note, John Kerry and Phil Angelides.

Here is a lowlight from Kerry:
"You don't have to vote against Arnold ... a vote for Phil Angelides is a vote to make certain that they make Terminator 4.''
Good lord, does somebody write these things for them or do they make this shit up while standing at the podium? And does someone laugh when they try these lines out?

Stop it, they are getting ready to market an ambien alternative here. Who needs a prescription if you can bottle this shit? OOOOhhh, not me. That will not only not amuse me but will bore me to death. Kinda like listening to a Donna Brazile lecture. I can't believe I worked my ass off for this guy in 2004. What the hell was I thinking?

Then here comes a real figment of someone's crack addled imagination.
"I've got bad news for Arnold Schwarzenegger and his whole attack team ...We are standing strong. We're ready to fight. We're ready to win.''
Angelides is behind in every poll, has no clear message, has virtually no traction and an opponent who continues to change his political make up, every time for the better. No wonder articles like this are starting to pop up. The handsome vote for Governor in 2010 between San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom and LA mayor, Antonio Villagairosa.

Plus there will be no coat tails at the top of either ticket. Arnold's election will not help one Republican and Angelides loss will not drag anyone else down. Everyone is on their own.

Wake me when it's over.

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Julie R. Enszer said...

Hey, I thought the line about Terminator 4 was funny. I admit it. Kim thought it was a major snooze and that your commentary was spot on. There you have the report from the amrchair analysts in University Park, MD.

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