Friday, September 29, 2006

Dept of irony

Is it just me (because on this blog it is all about me) that sees the irony of two of the biggest lecturing bodies int he world, the Catholic church and the Republican congress which is hiding pedophiles? Priests, congressmen, emails, outright solicitations, sexual harrassment, lying to those they are supposed to be serving. Parallel universes where some of the men wear big hats and dresses, the others wearing Armani and fake smiles.

Here are the points I want to make about today's explosion in DC over former Congressman/sexual harrasser Mark Foley.

1. Foley lied. The end.
2. The Republican leadership knew about this and didn't do one damn thing to protect these young men from Foley. This is a page from the Vatican playbook.
3. There is a special place in hell for pedophiles, especially priests.
4. This all happened on one of the slowest news times of the week, on a Friday afternoon. think what will happen after this gets even more traction on Monday.
5. Bob Woodward's new book is on sale on Tuesday and will blast another hole in the Republicans house of lies.
6. The mid term elections are in 38 days.

Finally a ray of hope.


Kathy said...

Hastert & co. probably ought to be sharing a cell with Foley. How could they cover up this kind of abuse?

Oh, wait. I am talking about Republicans.

miss wild thing said...

A jail cell would be the easy way out for them.. They deserve some waterboarding or some other torture they have cooked up.

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