Thursday, September 14, 2006

More Ahnold

In the latest update to the California telenovela, turns out the Governator's campaign is filled with cry babies. Ms Marinucci is on top of this chapter.

Schwarzenegger campaign manager Steve Schmidt said that if the leaking was not a crime, it was unethical and consistent with a "long and sordid history" by Angelides of engaging in dirty campaign tricks.

Here we go, waah, waah, waah all the home to Hollywood.

And from the LA Times turns out that the tapes weren't so hard to access as the Governator's folks try to make it out to be.
On Monday's John Ziegler talk show on KFI-AM (640), a former producer for the show said that he had many times accessed the same trove of audiotapes without a password and without hacking.
Waaaah, they made us look worse, waaaah.

Please. The Governor has disparaged another couple of groups of people to add to the already long list of people he has insulted.

Latinos already understand, at least in California, what the Governor's words can and will do to the attitudes of the people here. Those of us who lived through the ugly Prop 187 battles remember pinche Pete Wilson intoning his famous lines. "They keep coming and coming." The picture on the tv was of Mexicans running on a freeway.

So how did this play out in California during that time of mariposas? The children were frightened, the adults were stressed beyond belief, the advocates were in disarray and the election was ugly.

Thankfully, our Latino organizations like MALDEF, acted quickly to put the legal brakes on this horrible proposition. Which, in case you don't know, would have stopped any undocumented people from accessing medical care or any other type of humanitarian care unless they could prove they were here legally. What is being played out right now on the national stage was seen in California. That is why all the arguments have not evolved, the same xenophobic hysteria over massive border crossings continue to occur and the same ugly side of humanity is on display for all to see.

Mexicans, the dark skinned people of this land, continue to be villified by the conquerors. Think Conan. And Pete Wilson.

All for votes.

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