Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Road trip

Shoot, I just realized I forgot to have a fund raiser so I could spend all my time blogging.

In the meantime, I will do things like the road trip tomorrow with my mother, my aunt and uncle. I have visions of me having to be the adult and separating them from fighting in the car. Or I can just put the top down and then they can't talk to each other.

For the most part the two siblings, my mom and my aunt, get along pretty well. But every once in a while there is a big ol' Mexican explosion and all the kids go running for cover. My uncle has the beginnings of Alzheimer's so he just kind of goes with the flow and ducks for cover too. As the oldest of my generation, all 17 of us, I try to be the country of Switzerland, staying neutral at all times. But since they are all getting up there in age, they asked me to drive them to a small town outside of Sacramento for a party for a cousin. I had no excuse for bailing so I said yes.

I hope to get home with a modicum of sanity. That may be too much to ask for so I better light the St. Jude candle.

At least this gets me away from the computer and my ridiculous need to read about all of Bush's lies and bitch fights with the Clintons. I wonder if we will ever know how completely Bush has screwed us. When I was delusional and thought Kerry had a chance to win, I had visions of all the lies being exposed, the wrongs being righted and some integrity restored to our country.

And then I woke up.

Now we hear that the intelligence communities believe we are really fucked. These jackasses in the White House are sitting on intelligence reports that expose a small part of the deceit and deception we have been living with for the past six years. There are not one but two reports, according to Congresswoman Jane Harman and TPM Muckraker that these shit heads have not released to us.

Her comment:

"I have also learned that there is a [National Intelligence Estimate] on Iraq -- specifically on Iraq -- that has been left in draft form at the National Intelligence Council. That is because some of our leaders don't want us to see it until after the election. It should be clear five years after 9/11 that we need accurate and actionable intelligence -- actionable in real time -- and we need our leaders to read that intelligence and cite it accurately. Sadly, we're doing better on the first piece; we're not doing better on the second piece."
Good thing Halloween is coming up. At least there will be a chance for treats without all the tricks from the bullies in DC.

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