Tuesday, September 05, 2006

It's a miracle!

From The Hill newspaper, the world according to Donna Brazile. H/T to Kos

As my friend Democratic strategist Mike Lux pointed out in a recent memorandum titled "Welcoming the Netroots to the Table," the party would benefit from having these new voices at the table. Lux also pointed out some ground rules to begin this new relationship. Here are a few that I will subscribe to in the future:

  • Respect what the net-roots community brings to the party;
  • Stop patronizing and start valuing their brand of activism and political experience at the grass-roots level;
  • Honestly engage their concerns and issues even if you disagree. After all, they are voters;
  • Stop repeating Republican talking points.

The last point, in particular, is one I will take to heart in repairing my sometimes-negative relationship with the blogs and bloggers.

Although the Republicans are having a minor love affair with Lieberman's Independent candidacy, all of us, insiders and outsiders, know they are worried sick that Democrats will stand together and force a change of strategy in Iraq and the war on terror. While many of us were trying to stand tall with the administration in the days following the horrific terrorist attacks on our country on Sept. 11, 2001, the progressive blogs knew the Republicans would turn on us and seek to purge Democrats from the corridors of power.

Duh. girlfriend, duh.

In my last life at the DNC, Ms Donna gave a presentation on how we were going to win with our candidate Al Gore and her as campaign manager. I have never been in such a sleep inducing state, not even when I take Ambien. I had to borrow a key from someone and go SLEEP in their room.

So now that one of the Dems leading strategist has figured out that there is a whole world out there where political activity is not just going on but is highly effective, can we all get on track to turn the turds out of office?

And while we are at it, how about every get out of the closet? Starting with Donna Brazile.

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