Friday, September 08, 2006

In the year 2525

Friday's the Washington Blade appears on the streets around DC and on line. My dear friend, Julie Enszner, has written an opinion piece in this week's Blade. So she now is famous for a week in the capitol. Whoohoo, yeah baby!

We have had many discussions about this particular topic, whether coming out is an effective strategy today. I get so depressed when the movement becomes an "it's all about me" monologue because then it is a vanity movement. Think Paris Hilton.

Julie has written a thoughtful analysis about running out of people to come out to and what happens after you have told everyone, including people at the dry cleaners. "Um, yeah, sorry about the cum spots you had to get out but I was having sex in a park and I got a little caught up in the moment."

Which leaves the question what are we going to do in the future to advance the case of civil rights? What is the homosexual agenda for 2020? And who is thinking about it? Is the revolution going to staffed by all the GWM who are the heads of all the national lgbt orgs? Probably not. Do we just melt back into the general population with our nice houses, children and pets? Who knows. (Oh, ick, I sound like Dumbsfeld.)

All I know is that I hope that folks take notice that there are a lot of thoughtful, smart, strategic queers all around the country who have good ideas that should be discussed. Just like Julie.

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