Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Well after breakfast with Ms Marinucci, we came away with this tidbit. The Sacramento Bee is reporting that the Governator's audio file which turned up on the LA Times web page may have come from some work done by the Angelides camp.

Well that's a big whoops. However, I know Cathy Calfo, Mr A's campaign manager, and have known her for a very long time. This isn't her style at all to do something even remotely unethical.

In looking at the bigger picture, there is something missing, though. How did the password protected area get into someone's unauthorized hands? Unhappy cmapaign work? Computer hacker? Some silly mistake by an intern that has gone really, really wrong? And why are they taping this? Are these Hollywood standards to tape everything the Governator says so that he is constantly rehearsing. Seems others that high in the food chain have not done that except for speefches at teh Presidential conventions or debates. That would be high profile events not run-of-the-mill talk-shit-about-people conversations.

So who did it and why?

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