Monday, September 25, 2006

Life or something like it

I almost put a link on here to an article about the idiot vice president and then I came to my senses. From the administration that has trouble stringing together coherent thoughts, sentences and policies now they are making up new words to describe Democrats. The huevos to call us names after what they have done.

Speaking of having done something, seems George Macaca Allen, senator from Virginia, has had some startling revelations in the last few weeks. Starting his downward slide with the infamous macaca statement, the guy from California who wears cowboy boots in a state where there are no cowboys, turns out he liked using the N word. There are several accounts here (NYT) and here (Salon) about what the horse's ass has said in the past. Actually it wasn't just words but his actions that made me sick to my stomach. And just remember Tony Snow said racism in America is history. Yes but now the racists are on the Hill.

And this had to be one of the rudest, crudest and stupid things any Republican has done in ages. Democrat Tammy Duckworth, a Dem running for Congress in Illinois was in a debate with her neanderthal opponent. She is an Iraq vet who left her legs in Iraq. Know what he said? She just wants to cut and run. Hello, jackass, she can't run!

Apparently I am just name calling tonight. Must be from my soccer game yesterday and my sister almost getting into a fight with the other team's goalie. My shy sister, the nurse, came up from a tumble with the goalie and said "You want some of this?" Thought I was at a hockey game and she was going to go flying into this woman.

On Saturday night I went to a reunion of the San Jose CyberRays who were a member of the now defunct WUSA, the women's pro soccer league. The league folded after three years and all these wonderful women athlete's were left without a place to play for pay. What a great event which was a fund raiser for the Bay Area Women's Sports Initiative - BAWSI. It is pronounced BOSSY. The organization was started by Brandi Chastain and Julie Foudy both former members of the US soccer team which captivated the world in the women's World Cup a few years back.

OK I'm getting to the point. BAWSI does these programs for young girls called GoGirlGO which puts together young women athletes with girls in grade schools. They play together in a structured environment. Through the program the girls are taught self-esteem, how to enjoy exercise and other life skills, giving them alternatives to gangs, drugs and other detrimental activities. The program is wildly successful in Santa Clara County.

Now I am going to work with the new program being started for girls in wheel chairs. Next Tuesday I am working with Sharon Kelleher, who is a wheel chair athlete, to provide support to this pilot program. This is one of the coolest things I have ever had a chance to do as an athlete. I will post pictures and give updates on this new endeavor.

So at least I have a real life alternative to the liars running the country and can be around girls who just want to have fun.

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