Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Why I oughta...

I am wondering how vile the good ol' US of A can get before election day. After Kevin Tillman's blog on Truthdig evoked some of Rush's nastiest zombies on to him, then Rush accused Michael J Fox of going off his meds in order to do an ad for Clare McKaskill, now the woman who holds Wyoming's on seat in Congress threatened to slap one of her opponents. The only thing holding her up from that bitch slap? He is in a wheel chair.

What pray tell did the candidate, Thomas Rankin, say during the debate that caused such a disturbance on the dark side? He accused her of taking money from Jack Abramoff. In fact she took $22K from Tom Delay but he hasn't been convicted. Of all the nerve confusing Tom Delay and Abramoff.

The ReThug also made a slur against him as a disabled person which I really find offensive. Since today is my day to work with the kids in wheel chairs I am particularly agitated over this one. Read the whole harrowing account here.

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