Thursday, October 19, 2006

This keeps getting better

I must be the stupidest woman on the planet. Oh wait, Kathy at Birmingham Blues tells us about Twinkle, the little star of Alabama politics. She is much more stupid. Anyway, I had been thinking that over the last two hundred years that the US has been in existence, the government was for and by the people. Thus, my stupidity. Not in the last six years, sister.

According to a new judicial ruling, the White House must turn over all the visitor logs from the office of Darth, the vice-president. How could this be happening that it takes a court order to find out who was visiting the vice-president? Lily Tomlin had the answer years ago, "We don't care and we don't have to."

According to Editor and Publisher, the Washington Post requested the logs back in June. The ruling came today and the judge was not happy. Even better, it was a Latino judge, Ricardo Urbina, who ordered the Secret Service to turn over the logs by Friday, Oct 20. Yup, give those logs up so we can see who has had access to Cheney for the last two years.

Who is this on 400 different occasions, Jack Abramoff and his little friend, Ralph Reed? Ken Lay was here, gosh could you have been talking about energy policies behind our backs? Nah, couldn't happen.

Well it did happen and now we are all going to know about the level of corruption coming out the stinky Naval Observatory and the Old Executive Office building. (That's where Cheney lives and works.) I am starting to feel like the asthma attack I have been having for the last six years is coming to an end.

Paybacks are a bitch, fellas. And we are all on the side of the road watching this payback come in buckets.

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