Friday, October 06, 2006

True faith

In the midst of the madness in DC, I have been following the murders of the Amish girls in Pennsylvania.

I have been watching the responses to these deaths. For a community that has chosen to cut itself off from the rest of the country, I think they provide an excellent example to the rest of us. From what I have read, they, as any human being would be, are grief stricken with their losses. But they have also shown profound, very real faith not only in their words but truly in their actions.

How many of us would invite the wife of a man who murdered a family member to a meal within days of the deaths? How many of us could show that level of forgiveness and so quickly? This is just an amazing display of faith in action to me.

Money has been pouring in to this community in a show of shared grief and loss. Last I heard, there was over half a million dollars that had come in to the agency handling the money. Do you know what they are doing? They are sharing the money with the wife and children of the man who killed their children.

Now compare this to the behavior of the alleged Christians on TV, in government and in the blogosphere. I know who the real followers of the Bible are now. And it ain't Pat Robertson or George Bush.


david silver said...

nice post, glo. i'd take the amish in the white house in a heartbeat.

miss wild thing said...

Amen brother.

amazonmidwife said...

What a wonderful demonstration of faith. Thanks for reporting it.

Kathy said...

This is a beautiful display of the power of forgiveness. I'm humbled by the knowledge that I wouldn't be able to emulate it if my children were injured or killed. You're right; the Amish people have provided a wonderful example to the rest of us.

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