Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Tyrone Garner who was half of the duo challenging sodomy laws which eventually were over turned by the Supreme Court died 37 days ago. But his family did not have funds to pay for a funeral. His body has been turned over to the state so that it can do a free cremation.

Apparently there was a fund established to help the family pay for his funeral expenses. So far it has pulled in a whopping $225. For the man who helped get rid of the sodomy laws in this country, people have only given $250. The family needs $430 to put him in an urn. If he was the white half of the duo would this be happening? And where are the national orgs on this with their multi million dollar budgets? This is nothing short of pathetic. Where are our priorities?

Please look to Keith Boykin and Jasmyne Cannick for more of the details and where you can send some money.


Anonymous said...

Amen sister!

Kathy said...

This is terrible. I had no idea.

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