Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Monster mash

Counting down to election day, I am glad I have a form of TIVO so I can watch Jon Stewart and not the accompanying commercials. Cheney actually admitted today he was Darth and Bush assured us he is an idiot. "We're not going to stay the course because we are flexible but we are going to stay there forever. Hehehe." Imagine Jon Stewart's impersonation.

This picture is a bit of Latino surreality. I took it when I was with my mom and aunt at the cousin's birthday party. It is a mariachi singing in front of a giant TV at the rest home. On the screen is none other than Desi Arnaz, famous Cuban. So there are Latinos, front and back, one a real one and one a real one on TV. It was too much for me to take in so I just sang along.

Here's a good one from over at DailyKos from Novak:
New Mexico-1: Rep. Heather Wilson (R) is down in the polls and showing alarmingly soft support among the suburban Hispanic constituency that was key to her victories in the past. Her recent ad touting her vote to override President Bush's stem-cell veto is a huge miscalculation -- the stem-cell issue is good only for Democrats, it can only hurt Republicans, whichever side they fall on. Atty. Gen. Patricia Madrid (D) has superceded the scandal surrounding her prosecution of federal witnesses in a major corruption trial in New Mexico, and Republicans fear that Wilson, a tough campaigner, may be at the end of her rope. Likely Democratic Takeover.
I am warming up to dance on Heather's campaign in less than 2 weeks. What a concept, a Hispanic woman representing state which is majority minority. What next? The NM Governor running for President?

I just read a post on the SF Chronicle's political blog. A blogg used a phrase calling this administration "devoid of content." Such a brilliant phrase. Too bad it is true.

What world will we wake up to on Nov 8? I can only dream of blue skies, bright stars and Congressional offices calling moving companies to get their shit outta there. Not a minute too soon for the world.

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