Monday, October 02, 2006

Monday, Monday

Yeah I have had it for today with the Congress, particularly closet case Mark Foley. And Dennis Hastert. And John Boehner. OK, pretty much all of them. All the blogs on my side of the aisle are breathlessly sharing all the shit the former Congressman did, including driving 17 year old pages around DC in his BMW convertible. H/T to TPM Muckraker.

Can't resist this one, Rice may be cooked. According to the WaPo and Bob Woodward's new book, Condi was briefed by CIA head George Tenet about the possibility of an Al Qaeda attack back in July, 2001. She says it never happened. The 9/11 Commission says they didn't know about it and everyone else is pointing fingers saying someone else knew. Everyone except the idiot in chief, apparently.

The perfect storm is fast approaching and with it we could see the downfall of the Republicans. The skies in DC will open up again with sunshine. The evil pall that has been hanging over the district will lift. The people in fur coats will go back to wherever they came from, never to darken out shores again. Well I can hope anyway.

I am just wondering, too, if anyone else out there is feeling like the world is spinning out of control. Thousands of people are being killed weekly in Iraq. Yes, that would include counting Iraqis as well as Americans. The people in charge of the country are either too power hungry or too stupid to care about young people entrusted in their care. The poor continue to struggle, women's choices are becoming more limited every day. We LGBT citizens are no closer to our equal rights than we were 5 years ago. Immigrants continue to be treated as second class citizens and a suspect class of law breakers.

I continue to light my candles in hope of change for the better in the world. And maybe even a job.

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