Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Mummy

I am just in the Halloween mood these days, hence the Halloween titles. The air is not crisp yet in this part of California. I was in shorts all day and the top was down on the car. But there are plenty of decorations everywhere I went so I am feeling more festive daily. Plus tomorrow is the start of birthday weekend and I can be relieved of the burden of no job.

I also don't have to pay attention to Darth Cheney, the idiot in chief or "just back off" Rumsfeld. Changing one letter in that description of Rumsfeld is a much better description of him, don't you think?

After watching another episode of Ugly Betty tonight, I am glad to see the mean people starting to show a little humanity. The gay gay is not quite so snarky. The gorgeous Vanessa Williams is a lot less nasty and I continue to just love Betty. She is my new idol. Betty is getting better comebacks and a lot more sassy. You go, girl, make us all proud.

Autumn also brings out such vivid memories of days past, lives lost and worst of all, bakeries closed. The bakery of my childhood closed this week, the week before my birthday. There went the chocolate cake with real whipped cream for my cake. No more sitting in the parking lot eating a chocolate eclair. I can't get Ms Marinucci her favorite cookies as a treat. Gone, all gone. Such a loss.

This caught my eye today. I think former NJ Gov Jim McGreevey is a lesbian. He announced he wanted to marry his partner if and when marriage becomes totally legal in NJ. He is doing lesbian dating, complete with the U-Haul on the second date. Minor detail - if he wants to get married he has divorce his second wife first.

I just want to add that Rush Limbaugh is a boil on the butt of humanity for making fun of Michael J Fox and his disability. So is that jackass Congresswoman in Wyoming for threatening one of her opponents who is in a wheel chair. I shared the WY story with my friends from the after school program, both of whom are in chairs. All that afternoon we kept saying to each other, "If you weren't in a wheel chair, I'd slap you." Or "If you were in a wheel chair, I would slap you." Limbaugh, you pitiful excuse for a human being, you should be so lucky to be around such wonderful people.

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