Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Whoa! Marriage is on the way in New Jersey. All kinds of links here, Blabbeando, Pam's House Blend and needless to say there is plenty bubbling up everywhere about this news. Pam's place also has quotes from the Freepi as they nut out over the demise of western civilization.

It is less than two weeks away to the election. Do not get distracted. It is about Iraq not marriage, Iraq, Iraq, Iraq. Pay no attention to the closet cases trying to distract you.


Kathy said...

Maybe if the freepers spent more time on their own heterosexual plain vanilla marriages, the divorce rate wouldn't be so high. But it's so much easier to blame the homos. Geez, guys, if Bush keeps starting wars and killing off everyone of childbearing age, then we can worry about the end of civilization. ;)

miss wild thing said...

Right out of the Handmaiden's Tale.

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