Monday, October 30, 2006


Fourth grade was a very long time ago. Fourth grade starting at the Catholic school with all new kids, 50 kids in the class and new rules was a shock to me. But out of the horrors of Catholic school came a life long friend, Ms Kathleen.

Some of us are lucky enough to have one really good friend and I have two, Kathleen and Julie.

She occupies a place in my heart where there are no others. Someone who endured the whole trauma of that particular classroom, that particular group of kids so we have a special history together. She has known me almost as long as my family and understands that place where we grew up. Her parents are buried in the row next to my father.

Recently I was across the street from our old church. I saw a funeral ending and people leaving the church. I suddenly remembered it was the mother of one of our old classmates. I immediately called her and even though she wasn't home, I gave her the play by play of the people leaving and the cars driving to the cemetery. Yes, it is a strange and wonderful relationship.
We reconncected after one of her sisters died and I read the obituary in the paper. I sent her a letter and one night in December I got a phone call from her. We caught up, shared our lives and my life has been better since that call. Her generosity of spirit is amazing. I look forward to our long talks and even longer laughs.

What a joy to know I have a friend for life who makes me laugh and understands my tears. Happy Birthday. You will always be a day older than me, old thing.

And for you, once again, the headless nun.

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