Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Los Alamos,NM

More news from the Land of Enchantment... Los Alamos, New Mexico is the birthplace of the nuclear bomb. Los Alamos labs or The Lab as it is known in northern New Mexico, sits on a plateau about 45 minutes northwest of Santa Fe. On clear days it is easy to see the water tower that has sat there since the famous Dr Oppenheimer roamed around up there.

It is a nuclear lab that doubles as a sieve. Stuff comes out of there that you wouldn't believe. Wen Ho Lee spent about a year in solitary confinement for trumped up charges. The Feds screwed him so much that the judge who freed him apologized on behalf of the American people for the way he was treated.

There have been investigations showing people suing lab credit cards to buy BBQ's, among other things, for themselves. There have been reports of rampant sex in secure facilities. Then there was a hard drive that disappeared only to turn up months later behind a copy machine.

So today there are reports of lab secrets turning up in a meth lab. That would be classified documents in the hands of people processing meth with explosive chemicals. Well I guess better in their hands than Rumsfeld. But there is going to be a lot of 'splaining to do on this one.

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