Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Mo caca

This Foley stuff has me whupped. My neck hurts from zooming to so many blogs and web sites. What do you think this country would be like if the MSM had put half as much energy into looking at the shit that comes out of the White House?

Now apparently there is a homo list of gay GOP aides. H/T to Pam for pointing me toDavid Corn for publishing an article about the list. Unfortunately he didn't name names.

I wonder how long til they are purged from the GOP. In an interview with Newsweek today, out Congressman Barney Frank has, as always interesting thoughts about the current storm which includes his thoughts that the Log Cabin Republicans could be banished soon. Not that they were ever welcomed with open arms in the past but this could make a bad situation even worse. OK, I'm done feeling bad for the Logs.

The gubernatorial election is pretty much over in California. Arnold is going to banish to the dog poop pile in November. According to the latest polling, Angelides is sitting at a paltry 33% with five weeks left to go. Dude, it's totally over.

Alright, hockey season started tonight and I was flipping back and forth between CNN and hockey games. Violence versus verbage, skating on ice versus skating on thin ice. Talking smack with a mouthful of teeth versus talking smack with hardly any teeth. What a decision to make! Ok, I'm going to the Sharks opener, thanks to cousin Steve.

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