Tuesday, October 03, 2006

More of the train wreck

Oh my lawd in heaven, I can't believe this train wreck of a government scandal. I feel like I am watching one train car after another jump the tracks.

Let me see if I can sort any of this out:

1. All male homos are pedophiles according to the usual suspects on the right. Since the majority of pedophiles are heteros, how does this work out? Oh wait, it's not about telling the truth just blaming others.

2. Democrats cannot be trusted to run the government, according to the idiot in chief. Um, right. You've done such a good job, too.

3. Democrats released all the emails and IM's from Foley. Well actually, no, according to Brian Ross, the ABC reporter. It was all Republicans spilling the beans. Is this a plea for help? Stop us before we lie again.

4. Alcoholism is a convenient excuse for everything. Foley was a closet drinker. That's not the only thing in his closet. Matter of fact, he was so far in the closet, he was in danger of becoming a garment bag.

5. For you 12 steppers out there, Foley went into rehab 24 hours ago and has apparently done his 4th step already.

6. Tom Reynolds, head of the Republican Congressional campaign, held a press conference today surrounded by small children. When the reporters asked him to clear the stage so they could ask some adult questions, he refused to do so.

7. I can't make this shit up.

8. For the many who wish Bushco was going to be derailed for their other crimes against humanity, be glad we are going to win at all. Sometimes we just have to get to finish line first. Then we dance.

9. Foley was molested as a child by a priest. See? There is that Catholic/Republican connection again.

10. Alcoholism is never an excuse to harm others. It's not an excuse, period.


Kathy said...

Could you believe that press conference? It was surreal. Did Reynolds really think no one would notice his little trick? What a sleaze.

miss wild thing said...

Why, yes, we are all stupid.

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