Thursday, October 19, 2006

Thar she blows

The tidal wave is starting! In my former state of New Mexico. Raw Story uncovered, or rather found a long lost story of one Heather Wilson, NM-1. As they say in New Mexico, eeeeeee. Yes, that's a word there. And it has multiple sylables to it. Anyway, I digress.

Some background first for this juicy gossip. Heather was the Cabinet officer for the New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department-CYFD. According to Raw, on her third day there as head of the department, she removed a file regarding HER HUSBAND. Yes it seems there is a weak Foley tie-in here because her husband supposedly touched a 16 year old inappropriately. When confronted with this behavior, she denied it on camera from a local TV station. Then when told they were going to run the story she confessed. Ok read the whole story at Raw.

This is the same woman who broke down crying when talking about Janet Jackson's boob being revealed at a Super Bowl halftime. This same woman who was on the page committee in Congress when Foley was showing up at the page dorms all likkered up but has shed no tears over the behavior of her colleague.

This is Heather, rhymes with leather who is notoriously homophobic and marches to Bush's tune. The tidal wave is crashing in New Mexico and the country and Albuquerque will be better off without this woman in DC. Yeah baby!


Kathy said...

Geez. Could these people be bigger hypocrites? Maybe Heather's husband persuaded her that it's normal for grown men to lust after 16-year-olds and that's why she didn't worry about Mark Foley. Yeah, that must be it.

miss wild thing said...

Oh they are disgusting. Beyond disgusting, revolting.

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