Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Now the next entrant in the pet parade is Ruby. I found Ruby after she had been hit by a van on Cerrillos Road in Santa Fe and just rolled out from underneath the van. I went back to get her, and took her to the shelter for care. I ended up continuing to go back every day. She won me over every day, especially when I would walk in and she would recognize and walk to the front of her cage. Jo's response to my wanting to bring her home was to question whether I was going to go through menopause by continuing to acquire animals. She has been our last adoption for the past six years. Ruby has a special way of curling up on my chest and purring to calm whatever my brain is conjuring up at the time. She is very adept at this in the middle of the night when I can't sleep. She starts purring and back to sleep I go.


konagod said...

Oh Miss Wild Thing, I knew there was a reason I found myself strangely attracted to you. I'm a kitty magnet myself.

miss wild thing said...

Oh this is a match made in kitty litter, mwaaaah.

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