Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Ahnold, where are you?

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the Governator and his wife, Maria Shriver, attended a dinner at the White House honoring Maria's mother, Eunice Kennedy Shriver. What makes is so unusual that the man who promised to have open government for Cahliforneea wouldn't admit it.

That's right, the Governor of California went to the White House but didn't tell anyone and his office wouldn't confirm. I meant, what, we wouldn't notice the guest list? Is this hide-and-seek? OK, Ahnold, it's ok to come out and admit you are married to a Kennedy and your mother-in-law is being honored for her humanitarian work founding the Special Olympics.

If this isn't an indication how radioactive Bush is in California I don't what is. Ahnold did a "don't ask, don't tell". According to John Meyers of KQED, Ahnold said "I am a very improvisational person." Calling up my friend Carla Marinucci who wrote the article for the Chron and pretending to be someone pissed off from the Governor's office is improvisational. Going to a White House dinner is not an improvisation. Did Maria just happen to forget to schedule for this and grab a little Dolce and Gabbana number for the event? Or perhaps she went with Carolina Herrerra with Jimmy Choo stilettos? (Thanks to Sex and the City I know these things. After all I am a lesbian who wears Hawaiian shirts.)

On top of that John Meyers reports that according to the Lt Governor's office, Ahnold has been out-of-state on non-state business 171 days since taking office in '03. What is with these Republicans? Can't work a real work week like the rest of us poor stiffs? Gotta take a month off cus your job is too hard?

Crybabies. Waaah.

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