Wednesday, July 19, 2006

My local candidate

OK the Middle East is in turmoil no thanks to the idiot in chief. Political capital, that non-monetary scrip that politicians horde is no where to be found in DC. Help in the Middle East forget it. Photo ops with all white snowflake babies, whatever those are, were in abundance today as was religious ass kissing. Is there such a thing as a snowflake baby of color? Or is that an oxymoron like CIA intelligence? No wonder all I want to do is watch CSI.

But, wait, there is hope, at least in San Jose. Clark Williams is running for San Jose City Council. He is one of the smartest, most sincere people I have ever met. He and his partner Jim have a very precious little girl named Caroline. He serves on a million boards in the community and is always trying to find ways to give back to this community.

So far it is a five person race. It could get even more crowded. This will likely cause a runoff in Jan '07. It is extremely difficult to win a multiple (more than 2) person race.

He is actually the kind of guy who could help turn around an ethically challenged community like San Jose. Clark has positions based on what he considers right, not just politically expedient. He is generous with his time and spirit. To see him with Caroline is to see hope for our future.

Jeez, the way I am going on about him, you'd think I was dating him or something. No, but I am working on his campaign. This campaign has given me hope for not just my home town but also for the communities a way to talk about positions without rancor and cruelty or stupidity like the President and his first veto. I have great hope that the discussions can focus on finding ways for everyone to talk about their positions without the usual parsing and half truths employed by many to be elected.

Remember "I'm a uniter not a divider"? What a whopper that was. Now, to my complete sorrow, the country is more divided than ever while people's rights are voted on every day as if our rights were disposable. Well actually they are. We are spied upon, monitored and treated as suspects.

I hold out hope for us here. With Clark leading the way, I ready to jump on that train to a better future.

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